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Raised rates and sales dried up. When do you raise rates?

Anyone ever raise their rates and sales dried up? Was trying to figure out what happened. I was cruising then boom it all dried up as soon as I raised my rates. Another bonus quesiton…if you change out your profile video too many times and update it will it hurt your traffic?


I will raise the prices tomorrow, I have only got 1 sale yet and that too on the first day. I think raising the price may help for me.

This is what I did when I decided to raise my price a few years ago:

I contacted my regular buyers and gave them a heads up that I will be raising my price.
I also added that due to the work load I was getting and also because of the amount of details I put into my work, I strongly believe that it was about time I raised my price.
Surprisingly, most of my regulars understood ( only a handful got upset, one even called me “greedy”) and I went ahead and raised the price a few days later.
A few buyers messaged me saying that raising the price is a good idea, and that I have every right to do so. They also added that people will always understand the value of hard work and will be willing to pay. That really made me happy.

I guess the bottom line is, as long as you are good at what you do, there will always be people who are willing to pay for that.
It looks like you have great reviews, that itself should be enough to attract buyers.
I’m sure you will get new customers, and I’m also sure a good number of your past clients will contact you again.


Every time you update your gig (in fact, every time you just CLICK “edit”), your gig will be out of search results for anything up to 48 hours. Keep that in mind when deciding about making changes.

Also keep in mind that it may simply be a coincidence, there are highs and lows all the time in this business and so it might not be related at all.


I used to have 5 gigs which sold regularly. I was advised by a Fiverr wizard to increase my rates in December last year. Instantly I was cut down to just 2 gigs which sell regularly and after a recent bout of editing a couple of months ago, I’m down to 1. Other gigs do sell but not anywhere nearly as regularly as they used to.

It does seem to be the editing process itself as creating new gigs seems to work the other way round where instead of dropping sales and impressions, these steadily start to increase.

If I was you, I wouldn’t do anything else at all with your gig or gigs. See if sales recover and next time don’t amend your pricing. Instead, create a new gig with a new price structure and start diverting existing buyers to it.


I’m experiencing the same thing but have decided to give it sometime

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That’s normal, but you’ll see from your monthly revenue if you made the right call or not.

It depends on your target audience and the value it brings to them. Your most popular gig is celebrity voiceover and the price is $5. You need to ask yourself what is it worth to your clients. How are they using the voiceover clip? If they buy it to make a prank call or a greeting card, then most likely they’re not willing to pay $50 for it.

However, if you make a radio commercial for $50 and it helps your client make sales, then next time they are probably willing to pay even more.

If you’d like to increase your prices then maybe you should consider targeting high paying customers, but they want a service that has a high ROI.


I’m earning less than half what I earned two months ago due to editing my gigs and increasing the prices from $5 to $10 on some. I’m back where I was three years ago income wise.

It’s upsetting to reach an income goal just a few months ago, only to see it set back to my income level three years ago.

My number of completed orders is less than half what it had been. It’s like I am only working ten days a month, income-wise.

Do NOT edit your gigs. Do NOT raise prices. Don’t change anything, ever.



I don’t know about this. We don’t need to go to the extremes and discourage others to make changes which might be beneficial for them. Fiverr always encourages sellers to keep their gigs updated and up to speed. I edited my gigs, raised my prices and changed things up here and there and it never hurt me. Though I have to say the beginning of October was a bit slow and odd. It might be just a bad month but I also don’t rely on Fiverr alone.

Hang in there!


I’m relating my experience. I wish I had never changed anything. I’m showing proof of the results.

I’ve never had a drop in sales like that!


I’ve been editing gigs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much though. Bad habit welll no longer…

It might not be due to editing. Perhaps just a funky month overall. I know some of the veteran sellers have been complaining about sales as well.


Things were always very steady as far as income and number of orders go. I could count on about the same thing every month with steady increases.

To go from having phenomenal months steadily to this… something is horribly wrong.

After the algorithm change, things again picked up, then I made the mistake of editing some gigs and that’s where I’m at now, back to the beginning.

I’ve almost been here five years now. I’ve never experienced a drop like this.


The thing is, it might not be the editing but editing does seem to be a common factor associated with sales decreases. It’s only right to point this out.


Around the first of May the new algorithm came along.
Noticed the sales drop that month.

Things picked up in August as it looked like my sales were recovering, then it went downhill.

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September was a really bad month for me and it was starting to catch up pretty well in October, but since 10th of October the orders just stopped coming. There are many other sellers in my situation. And with every change I do, I have no success, it feels like I destroy it even more. There are even some TRS on the front page that have now ~10ish orders from hundreds, while there are some newly created accounts (May-June 2017) that are receiving 20-30 reviews/day. I think that the new search algorithm was a real success for some and destroyed tens of business here. Hopefully it will recover.

The best stance to take is that it won’t recover. Take your service and replicate it off Fiverr in a way where you have more control over the amount of traffic gets directed at your ‘gig.’ Fiverr and the algorithm can’t be challenged or realistically worked with.


This is 100% accurate. An alternative to this would be if you have a few orders preferably 4 - 7 in queue for the gig. Raise prices, get reviews, and your gig should recover.

I concur with that…

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I did my first price increase a couple months ago. I went from $5 to $10. No sales for almost two weeks. Then I opted for the packages and the orders returned.

Yesterday I did my second price increase because I was becoming overwhelmed by buyers who were placing $5 orders, asking for elements contained only in my premium gig and then disappearing, never to be heard from again, no matter how many times I emailed them or sent them an extra offer to complete their order.

So I guess I’ll see if there is a drastic drop in orders following yesterday’s changes to my gigs.

Btw: I waited until I had about 5-7 big orders in my queue before editing my gig. Not sure if that will make a difference.

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