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Raised rates and sales dried up. When do you raise rates?

Holy what! One of them called you greedy… It’s unreal the kind of responses you can sometimes get. Good thing almost all the time the clients are nice though! Thanks for the heads up and tips about this!


I think that editing your gig in any way affects your visibility for a while. That said I have raised my prices twice since I started selling on Fiverr a year ago. At the price of $5 I was getting way too many orders to publish guest posts on my website, plus the biggest issue is that the articles were mostly terrible quality so I had to reject a lot of the orders. I found when I increased my price to $10 the orders did slow down quite a lot but I was earning more for my time so I was happy with that. And the quality of the articles being sent to me improved big time! I have just increased my price to $15 about a week ago and I have still received a few orders.

What I do is email my regular buyers and let them know about the price increase and I let them know they can order at the old rate for a period of time, I include a custom offer with the message.

It has worked well for me.

We need to feel that it’s safe and productive to edit our gigs. I need to be able to edit my prices.

Its seems like august was nearly $1000 to $1200 , September was $800 above and October is like 500$ so far… Its seriously downfall in sales, you should not raise your prices if its not working well for you.

Mine slowest month was September which was like your October.

Yup, my jaw dropped when I first read the message. This buyer was my regular and he was very happy with my work and always added that he could get GREAT service with such a darn low price. So even after I have raised my price I thought it would be ( it actually is!) still quite cheap, but nope, he got upset. It’s OK though, I got PLENTY orders from other nice clients so no problem. It did take me a few hours to brush that off completely though, it’s amazing that one little word “greedy” makes you cringe so much!!


It’s true about the edits, it will bump your gig out of the search for a few days sometimes, so plan your changes very carefully and minimize them, change your rates very sparingly and do so when you have orders on queue on that gig

Many sellers (especially new ones) have been blaming an algorithm change, or the editing of a gig for their “drop in sales”. To be honest, I find this to be unlikely. The more likely cause is that competition is more intense, and older gigs don’t always keep themselves up-to-date with the new competition.

Never rest on your laurels. Keep updating. Keep improving. Keep competing. Fiverr tells sellers to do this; I don’t see why a seller actually doing these things would, in turn hurt them. That seems counter-productive to Fiverr’s own success claims.

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Yes, well said! Just that one word gets to you that bad! I would be so angry about that too. It would be super difficult to let go of that. Thank goodness you have so many other good clients!

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Very true…we oldies shouldn’t take our position for granted.


So you are saying that within two months my sales fell off by over half due to competition?
Orders dropped down to about one third of what they always were.

Yes it does. That’s why I keep posting about it. Something has happened but no idea what.
The last time I edited my gigs I saw a marked decrease in sales.


@misscrystal I just looked at your category. I noticed that one of your competitors is hogging all the limelight. She has multiple gigs on the front pages of two categories. Your gigs are not on top as they used to be in the past. I think that’s why you’re getting fewer sales. Just see out this period and see how it goes, I don’t think this is because of anything wrong you have done. It is just that some of your competitors are doing very well. As you pick up consistent sales from your clients - in a few weeks your search position will go back to the top and things will be normal again.


You can never discount competition…and you never really know what your competition is doing either…one of my competitors is savvy with youtube, google adwords and SEO. His Fiverr gig is ranked everywhere on the first page of google…I’m sorry it doesn’t matter what you have…if someone’s sinking big money into that to promote their gig…that can be impossible to keep up with.


I’m with you! It’s incredibly frustrating when suddenly there are huge changes to sales and numbers and you have no idea why. Especially when you ARE working hard and doing things right. People like to respond with “just keep working hard” and sometimes it seems like that’s just way too vague.


Well, since making slight increases to my gig prices seven days ago, I’ve had no orders. The problem is producing high-quality work at $5 really only is possible for a limited time. Well, unless, you don’t mind working day and night to make a decent income on volume.

Interestingly enough, when I logged onto Fiverr today, I saw this box at the bottom right corner:
Hey doer! We wanted to check in with you to see how your Fiverr experience is going.
It looks like there’s been a recent price change to your account. Any reason in particular?

Here are the answer options:

  • I noticed that others did
  • Brand Awareness
  • I was advised to do so (can you tell us by whom)
  • No particular reason
  • Other (please elaborate)

I have not found that to be the case. I’ve heard that before, but my gig always stays in the search results. I guess it depends on what you change?

It’s a tough call. I think if I were to raise rates, I’d first notify my loyal buyers and let them know. I’d probably grandfather most of them in to my older rates for being VIP customers.

Yup, I did notify some of my best buyers to let them know I was about to increase my price, but would continue to offer them my old rates. But when I look at the number of clicks I am getting on my most popular gig, it has gone to less than five clicks.

That’s pretty scary that the sales can dry up like that.

I know it’s not a revolutionary idea, but I’ve seen some sellers do it successfully but still making their base price $5 but changing up their gigs so that they offer much less for that base price. For instance, my voice over gig offer 50 words for the base price, but after enough volume or if I get too overworked I could change it to 25 words for the base price.

Yup, that’s what I did with my first price increase. I made my base price $5. However, what happened was I got a lot of order and run buyers. Order the basic $5 gig, ask for elements that are available only in my premium gig and then when I’m trying to explain the packages to them, get them to accept an extra or even cancel the order, they are nowhere to be found.

My $5 package for product listings was only 100 words, no bullet points and no keywords. But buyers were ordering the $5 gig and giving me keywords to use and asking for bullet points and information that could not be done in 100 words. It was becoming mentally draining having to explain the pricing to them.

Ugh…sounds like a nightmare. Have you found any good ways of dealing with this? I’d be curious to hear them if you’re willing to say them. If/when I run into this problem it’d be nice to have some know-how to understand how to deal with it.