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Raising Prices Can Help You

Can you shed some light about increasing traffic? I often share my gigs on social media, that increases social gig views but it still does not get much of organic fiverr traffic that is search terms and category search because even after uploading a video it appears to be down the order.

I did similar and first month my earnings increased but now after that month passed, i am at 0 orders and the earnings are at 1/5 it was before. i guess fiverr search works like #orders/30 days so if this rate is lower you will be more down on search and that means less orders so in the next months you go even more down on search. so please update me after a month when you will be at 0 orders for a week long. just message me when you’ll be at this point

The only thing I would say is: in my own personal experience, the same amount of people complained about my delivery time when my prices were lower as do now when my prices are almost double what they were when I started. People would complain when my delivery took five days and they complain when it takes twenty-five days. Most people just think their project is The Most Important and can’t understand why theirs can’t be pulled up the queue ahead of people who ordered way ahead of them. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that if you’re concerned about long delivery times being an obstacle to raising your prices, that hasn’t been my experience, but you should obviously do what you think is best for your work.

By the way, I would totally disagree with uxreview that nineteen days is “very high” delivery time for a writing gig. When it’s just you writing everything, you have a bunch of orders for more than one article each, and you’re not interested in working yourself to death, all that writing takes a lot of time. Most buyers understand that. They see that you have a long turnaround time because you have lots of work and most of them say, “Okay, cool. If you have a lot of work it must be because you’re a good writer.”

hahaha its always good to see Comments from Top Sellers…

Well its depend on your competitors if you raise price then their one and they are also providing the same service then I hope it will not work.I think for level 2 seller its better to go with low price until you reach level 3

I added packages to 3 of my Gigs and I am very happy. Hope my sales increase more soon!

This is very helpful. I raised all of my gig prices last month just to see what the response would be like, and I’m happy to say that I’ve doubled my income.

At first, I was kicking myself thinking, ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’ Then I remembered that the only reason this worked was because I had enough great customers who trusted me and loved my work – business growth is a process. I’m making more money but my daily sales aren’t very high. That’s my next challenge :slight_smile:

Well done on your success!

Rehmat laal, these patches do come, Stay focussed you will get orders… Keep using buyers request wisely brother…

Such an interesting forum post …by this i cud also make out different experiences of various sellers …thanks fastcopywriter …

Very risky at this point for me… I am new here, I guess I need to develop some clients first… Newbies Cannot take risk unless they cannot handle bulk orders… With the passage of time, I however increased delivery time…

Actually ‘orders in queue’ doesn’t say that much. I inform my buyers about the fact that I have a lot of work from private clients outside the platform and therefore have to schedule order that come from Fiverr accordingly.
Even if I have zero orders in queue doesn’t mean that I’m available. I have daily orders from the ‘outside world’.
I also mention that I handle longer delivery times, due to the same fact. But in reality I use to deliver in a fraction of that time. It’s just to have a buffer if unforeseen things happen, like getting hit by a truck.
I raise the prices according to the demand and never had to lower them. There are more reasons for this, as I mentioned in other threats. You mentioned some of them yourself in your comments above.


I agree on that. As stated earlier, the delivery time does not have necessarily to do with the type of gig, but just with a !@#$-load of orders you might have. Even if your gig is painting a dot on a sheet of paper, if you have tons of orders for this your delivery time will be longer.

It’s not that risky because it is not a one-way-road. You can try it for a week or two and when you get not orders, you can just go back to your old prices.

Yeah, I gave up writing articles because it was taking me 30 minutes, sometimes an hour.

Thanks. People can try it for a week and see how they do.

Right, I have a gig for restaurant brand names that hasn’t gotten a single order, that’s why I’m offering 10 for $5. After I get 10 reviews, I will go 5 for $5. It will be a while before I do 5 for $10.

But gigs that have a ton of reviews, I think we can charge more.

I think your packages are offering too many things. When I bought a logo for my offline vending machine business, I just needed the logo. If I need PNG (transparent), Source file, more than one revision, Vector File, Letterhead, that’s what your gig extras are for.

Your packages can be something like this:
$5 Basic- 1 logo
$10 Standard: 2 logos
$15 Premium: 3 logos

This way your buyers will think, “If I can afford $5, I can afford $10.”

But if you want them to go from $5 to $20 in one jump, that’s too high even for people that can afford it.

Think of those airlines with really low rates that charge you to check luggage, for every drink, for the meal, etc. It makes them great money.


I see you your Basic package offers 5 brand names for $5. But then you charge $15 for 10, and then $40 for 20. I’m bad at math, and yet I realize that if I hire your basic gig 4 times, I’ll be getting 20 brand names for $20. So why should I order the $40 package?

Also, your gig isn’t express delivery, 24/hour delivery costs $5.

Prices need to be logical. $5, $10, $15 or $10, $15, $20.

I agree that 19 days is not always a long waiting time, especially if you are ordering multiple articles at once. I didn’t consider that option (newbie mistake).
I suppose it depends on the content type and purpose. For example, if a client needs a press release or a blog post on a trending topic, then I’m sure some clients will find even 10 days too long. They don’t want to wait several weeks for an article, that might not meet their expectations. However, if a client needs 10 articles in advance for their blog and they will publish those over time, then even 30 days is nothing.

The reason why I’m so curious about this topic is because just recently I needed few articles myself. When I looked at the top sellers then some of them had either long delivery times or had a lot of orders in the queue. So I went with a level 1 seller, who didn’t have anything in their queue and promised 72h delivery.
That got me thinking, if top sellers would just raise their price a little, they would probably have fewer orders in the queue, shorter delivery times and hopefully still make the same revenue. Then again it might impact quality because topic research takes time.

As Mario explained above, the number of orders in the queue doesn’t necessarily mean that seller can’t deliver, but I don’t think I’m the only one who takes a pass on sellers with a lot of orders in the queue because they don’t know any better.

Great advice thanks