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Raising prices more than what is offered?

Is anyone else experiencing raising prices from the people who offer to put your floorplan sketch into a computer program?


Sellers are encouraged to price their services however they wish. Perhaps the sellers offering the services you are seeking are raising their prices to be more in line with either their profit needs, or the constantly evolving gig market.


I looked at 3 of the people in that group. Each time I asked for the service for the price they advertise and all 3 wanted more than they advertise. If they wanted $35 not $5 or $10 why not just advertise that is your price?


Ah, false advertising. That, they shouldn’t be doing – not if they want your business.


I am one who offers an extra to most buyers who place $5 orders because I am in a catch 22 situation where my gigs won’t be looked at by the people who want and need them if I put a higher beginning price on the description page.

I only have approximately one buyer in ten who refuses to pay more than $5 after they order and I have a chance to explain why they would be happier if they got an extra.

I can’t speak to the other sellers who do this but I know why I do it and my clients seem overwhelmingly ok with it.


Hi jonbass, yes false advertising is prevalent in that area. And surprisingly look at the response from misscrystal. She seems to be very active and respected here. Yet she tells why she seems to have to do this. Reminds me of Bank of America in the bailout hearings…they had to do it bc all the other banks were. Sad :frowning:

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Thank you for your honesty. :slight_smile: It is really a shame if that now the culture here.

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I think what misscrystal is describing is upselling, not false advertising. Her basic services are $5, but the gig extras add on to that. Upselling is perfectly legal, as you’re not misrepresenting your services, only recommending more to enhance their experience.


To use a usual upsell situation outside fiverr. If you are in a restaurant and order the hamburger for $5 and the seller (waitress) says do you want cheese on that? a side of our new delicious onion rings? That is upselling and appropriate unless when the buyer says I appreciate that but I just want the hamburger for $5 and the seller (waitress) says I can give you the hamburger for $10.

If you say you will do something for $5 and the buyer orders exactly what you said you would do for $5 and you try to raise your price for the exact same thing you advertised you would do for $5 that is not upselling…but in USA called false advertising.

The same as if you offer something for $5 but you dont really do that ever for $5 but offer them something different that in the USA is bait and switch. (Bait and switch example is, you advertise a car for a low price at a dealer but you never have a car on your lot at that price so when customer comes in you say I dont have that car but I can sell you this car I have with more features for a good price just higher than advertised.)

Maybe this explanation from the buyers side will help. :slight_smile:

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That’s a good example, but gig extras fit perfectly into the first scenario of adding a side. Of course false advertising does exist on Fiverr, but gig extras don’t fit into that category because they’re out there in the open for buyers to see.

I’m not saying you didn’t experience false advertising, just that legitimate upselling also exists on here.


Thank you I was hoping the restaurant example was something we all know about and easier to describe. listing the “cheese” and “onion rings” as extras to a gig is not a problem to buyers. :slight_smile:


I don´t know about the specifics of your order, of course, but from seller side, it´s not always so easy.

Even if you have pretty straightforward gigs, to pick an easy seeming example:
‘I will translate xxx words for $5’.

Buyer A buys it/wants to buy it and has an okay source text, all fine.

Buyer B buys it/wants to buy it but has a source text which is so obviously translated from another language that it´s not funny anymore (well, usually it is very funny :wink: ), and you have to meditate half an hour over each word to try to guess what the originator wanted to say with it or it needs a lot of forth and back=time to talk to the customer to figure it out…

then the seller has a problem - grit their teeth and do it and spend much more time on it than they should, or tell the buyer that they need more time for it because (insert explanation) and ask for more money to make up for that additional time they need to spend.

Of course, in that case, the seller should be able to explain the reason for the raised price in a way the customer can understand it. And then can decide if they want to still buy the gig, for the raised price, or look for someone else who might do it cheaper.

Many sellers do have ‘disclaimers’ in their gig descriptions and order requirements that try to prevent such situations, like 'contact me (for a custom offer) before you order if… (your source text is FUBAR, every 2nd word is medical jargon, it´s a nuclear science dissertation…), many buyers don´t read either, or ignore it.
(Not saying this was the case with your experience! Just a general observation. :slight_smile: )

Just raising the price out of the blue, without any comprehensible explanation, of course, isn´t the way to go.

Lastly, though that may be far off the mark, just for the sake of thoroughness, it´s not unheard of that people do have several accounts and sell the same thing under several accounts.


I did send the file first so each was able to review it. The seller would know right away there is a problem. And if you have disclaimers and they did not read them that may not be a client you want. Might be better to say thank you for the contact but I cant do this.

Some of the sellers responses did seem similar and it may be the same person with a different account. :weary:

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I still do plenty of $5 sales. It’s just that I want buyers to be satisfied and have the kind of service they need, and sometimes I can’t do an outstanding job for the $4 I get from a $5 sale. If they still only want the $5 gig as shown I do it. You get a $5 spell. After buyers have a chance to think about it they realize they would be happier if they spent more and got more.

I like other sellers also have come to find out that buyers who insist on only paying $5 are much more likely to be difficult in some way. The primary motive is something other than getting a great service.


You can do that if they message you first, but some people order right away without reading or ignoring the gig description, I´ve had someone order a gig and the text they sent was roughly double the number of words they had paid for; the thing is, while you can cancel in those cases, every cancellation affects your ranking as a seller, never mind whose fault it is, there´s only different degrees in how much it affects you, depending on the reasons for the cancellations.
Ah, anyway, better luck next time. :four_leaf_clover:


Wow as a buyer I was unaware that cancelling bc a buyer did not read your offer properly affected the seller. I am new and learning I appreciate this forum. I’ll bet the sellers with buyers would read this first :slight_smile: