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Raising prices of Fiverr's choice gig [Question]

So, a week ago one of my gigs received the Fiverr’s Choice badge. Do you think that it’s a good idea to raise my prices? Has anyone raised his prices on his Fiverr Choice Gig? I’m asking as I wanted to raise my prices for quite some time and now feels like the perfect moment to do it, however I’m worried that this will automatically remove the Fiverr Choice badge. Thoughts?

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I believe that the Fiverr’s Choice badge mostly has to due with ratings not with price. I would do ahead and raise your prices to what you deserve and as long as you keep up the good work, if the badge goes away it should come back.

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If I was you, I will not do that.

It is very very hard to retain that badge for a long time.

One mistake and you loose that badge (happened to me and I know another seller as well)

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Hello priyasumit786,
Raising your prices over the gig won’t make much of a difference the only thing that matters is that you make the client pay you more and deal with them in such a way that they more. Communication is the key!

Mahab Khan

Communication is a key when you have a client to communicate with.

Making changes to the GIG which is chosen to be a Fiverr’s choice, is like risking that badge.

Do keep in mind, you don’t get it back and it bring in a lot of sales to you!

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