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Raising the Fiverr Bar

I’ve used several Fiverr sellers and been happy with the transaction. However, I recently used one to do a headshot cutout and was disappointed. It was a small job and $5 was fair so I ordered a gig off a person. He got bact to me wanting me to pay $10 so I requested a cancellation - he then did the job, got paid and I gave him 4 stars for service. Since then I have been pestered by him wanting me to give him 5 stars. A previous customer said he gave him 5 to get him off his back. It seems this seller has two ways to get more income;

  • ask before he does the work
  • hassle buyers for 5 stars.

    Fiverr needs to sort these people out because they give the service a bad name.


Contact Customer Support and report that seller.

Always contact the sellers before order and done the price for such a small jobs.

it will help you saving your time and avoid getting tension :slight_smile: