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Raising the Gig Description Word Limit


Please consider raising the description limit from 1200 to 2000. I have no problem adhering to the limit, and am a fast editor when I go over, but it would be wonderful to have a more comfortable limit.

As a buyer, more detail is very appealing. I’m not bothered by having to read more. The more information a seller can give me about their service or product, the more I appreciate their honesty. I’d like to offer that to buyers, too. (As much detail as possible.)

Yes, I’m also aware my requirements give me room to give them more information, but those are visible after purchase/at the time of purchase, I believe. I’d like to have more upfront detail.

How about, y’all? Do you find the 1200 word limit too restrictive?


Considering that quite a large percentage of buyers never read the description anyways (just search the forum, you’ll find so many sellers complaining that buyers don’t read gig descriptions), I think a longer description would be rather useless.

And I don’t even have time to think about the people not reading the description, because of buyers who don’t even read gig titles and blind-shop to later request cancellations as they thought they purchased something else and eventually admitting not having read the title :smirk:

So yeah, I think 1,200 is enough - I don’t want to scare away the already small percentage of buyers who do read descriptions :smiley:


Oh, wow. As a buyer (online and in real life) I read everything the seller has to offer and ask questions.

Thanks for the dose of reality concerning some/a good percentage of buyers’ behavior.

I got my 2035 word description down to 1186 in a few minutes.

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I do that, too, but I think we’re sort of an endangered species :smiley: After 7 years of dealing with 10K buyers, working through misunderstandings, revisions, cancellations, etc. due to many not having read the description, I’ve come to realize that many buyers (if not most) don’t have time for stories and just want to buy what they need & get it done as fast as possible. Like in “click, buy, done”. Reading slowly becomes overrated :grimacing:



That’s a lot of experience. Yes, I can see buyers thinking along the lines you describe.

Maybe Fiverr went for the more is less approach with the word limit due to buyer behavior. Well, I’ll adapt and edit as needed. Succinct and clear will have to do for prospective clients.

Thanks for the insights.