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Raising the price HIGHER than your competition

I am basically new to Fiverr. Before I closed my Gig down I had managed to get 26 completed orders done (gig was only live for maybe a month or so). I already knew I would get sales because I run my own website and have been selling my digital service for over 10 years. I did a test on my Gig. I started out with the “lower price than the competition” method and got zero sales. I then tried “higher price than the competition” and …yep, you guessed it. Sales lol. Views were up also. I learned this years ago as I applied the same test to my own website and it also worked. Now with that said, I am not telling anyone to do what I did, I just think its interesting that buyers seeing the higher price at least got them to look, (and in my case also buy). People are curious when they see a price that is way above the others. It’s like they have to see if its actually that good…lol. Now if your Gig material sucks…well… I have never been a fan of dropping the price to a bare minimum because it cheapens my work and the times I did that on my own site, it also brought a different clientele that had that low price mentality.

I am by no means a Fiver expert, not even close, but if I had to give ONE thing I think got me a good amount of sales in a short time was this - 1 Day Service (24 hours) - Most the competition is like 2 or 3 days, so in my Gig description I wrote something like this - “No need to pay extra for fast delivery, ALL orders are done within 24 hours” . This not only hammers in that the service will be quick, but also that you are saving the buyer money where others charge.

Hope this helps someone.


I can imagine! Price can definitely impact perception. Most professionals won’t expect much value or quality from a seller who seriously undercharges and overdelivers. Professional people know that you get what you pay for.


Thank you so much. You just described in a few short sentences what I was trying to say with my over worded post…lol. I type too much.


Haha my pleasure! What you wrote is totally fine and helpful! I also like what you said about offering something in-demand that also sets you apart from your competition. High-demand with low competition is such a sweet spot!


I too raised my prices after about 4-5 months. I am one of the highest prices and it really helps to weed out the amateurs who aren’t professional. I was spending literally hours on projects for $5-10 dollars. My goal is to not make $4 an hour ever again! I am a college graduate for goodness sakes!!! I increased my gig price to $40 and I have now surpassed 20k in a little over a year. I also decided to charge for 24 hours because of a few scary close calls! It also helps weed out the non- professional people. I don’t mean professional as in business status, I mean how they communicate and interact with you- you can be a professional without having a job.


And here one seller just took a client from my brother offering $7(as client said) for which client was going to deal for $80.


i will give this ideal a go at my 2 new gig by next week. thanks alot


I would say any buyer who looks at the price ONLY, is probably not a buyer who is interested in your quality work. That’s fine. Just be professional and wish them success. I always say, “there are many great gigs on Fiverr and I am sure you will find just the right fit.”


Make sure to keep an eye on the Views if you do that. :+1::+1:

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okay thanks. I will do just that

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You are smart! I agree with everything you said. The exception is a 24 hour delivery for every order. This can leave you exposed and vulnerable to the time clock especially if you have questions or issues and your client is in a 12 hour different time zone. It’s tricky. Also, I cannot commit because you may get in 5 orders the same day and they are all longer projects. If you can manage it then fantastic. Maybe I’m just slower than most lol!

I feel this in my bones as an artist.