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Raiting Sellers that DON'T deliver

I am racking up a high count of sellers that are not communicating or delivering service. They are highly rated, but don’t produce. As such the order times out and I have to cancel and reorder through another seller. The problem is that I cannot provide a review for those sellers and as such their ratings are artificially high. One should be able to review a seller with whom they have submitted and order and either delivered service or deadline passed.

Luckily for buyers that want to punish sellers, cancellations hurt a seller’s profile, whether you as the buyer see it or not. Sellers that routinely cancel orders, either to avoid negative reviews or because they just don’t have time to fill them, are penalized for that behavior.

If the deadline on a gig has passed, you can cancel and leave a negative review–if it’s the gig’s deadline that has passed and not just your deadline.

While I’m not a fan of buyers always messaging me before ordering, if you’re having trouble finding someone communicative and that can deliver on or before a specific date, you might have more luck if you spend some time contacting sellers before you place an order.