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Rally for the West Indies!

Hoping Chris Gayle and co. beat England in the Final today! All the best, guys!

You’re gonna make me a cricket fan…lol

LOL…well, just watch today’s match, that’s all :slight_smile:

I hope both the men and women are victorious!

@writer99025 I think you have something against England…could it be something to do with the last match

No, I like England, but like West Indies better. Had it been England versus Australia or Pakistan, I would cheer for England. You guys have a great team, I am a big fan of Eoin Morgan, Jose Buttler and Ben Stokes.

I just want to see an exciting match and don’t really care who wins, as long as it is not a one-sided contest…but since it is fashionable to pick sides, I pick the West Indies. 99.9% of the Indian crowd will be cheering for them as well.

Match begins!

The Windies are playing like they’re possessed…2 English wickets down already.

England putting up a fight…good match!

Don’t see England winning from this position - 110 for 6.

@writer99025 Im holding you responsible for this! England have not got much chance. The score is far too low.


At least they got 150…did you know that’s the highest score in a World T20 final? I give England a 40% chance…Windies are known to collapse…they even lost to Afghanistan!

Not bad, 155. Can win if they bowl well.

Chris Gayle, what have you done brother?

LOL…11 for 3…pin drop silence at Eden Gardens, except for a hundred screaming England fans… :smiley:

It’s fair to say that the Windies effed up.

lol :smiley: