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Random game: Childhood trauma movies


Since our lovely Nika started a “Blast from the Past” post, I’ll start something similar…

What was your childhood trauma movie?

I’d like to say Jaws since it really scared me (I saw it when I was 10), but as much as I was scared I was also really entertained by it so that one doesn’t really count.

For me the movie that really creeped the heck out of me was Child’s Play.
Yup, the Chucky doll. That is one ugly creepy looking doll.
YEARS later I saw the movie and I found out the movie itself was not scary at all, but that
doll still gives me the creeps. One time a friend of mine living in Tokyo asked me if I could get that doll for her and bring it back with me when I went home during summer break
back in college, but I told her there is no way on earth I’m gonna be in the same car/plane with that thing! :laughing:


Ouch, I gotta be honest, I was scared to :poop: by “Anaconda”, I don’t know why but I had some massive fear of snakes back in my childhood days. I couldn’t sleep for days after watching it. And you know what is the funniest thing, there isn’t even an anaconda in my local zoo (or there was no one at that time).

I have watched scarier/uglier movies with psycho elements, but nothing scared me the first and the second part of Anaconda. Whenever I am in a zoo, I never go to the part where they keep the snakes. YIKES! :smiley:


Zeus, I’m happy to know that I inspired you to create this post. :blush:

Watching The Shining as a kid was a BIG mistake. Like, I’m feeling jittery right now thinking about it LOL. :cold_sweat:

After I watched this movie, I was creeped out for a very long time. Jack Nicholson had a face that reeked creeper. :flushed: This movie scared me so flippin’ bad, I slept with the lights on for a very long time. I mean he chased kids around that huge house with an ax.

The part where he says “Here’s Johnny!” I wanted to make a mad dash. Fudge you Jack for making my childhood life hell. :rage:

Here’s the clip, I’m shaking in my :boot: :boot: right now. :grimacing:


Hahaha! :joy: These stories are fun to read!

I don’t remember watching The Shining as a kid :thinking: Thankfully! It’s still so spooky!


No movies but there was this television series called Are You Afraid of the Dark? which did some damage that night. I still have an over active imagine as a result.


Aaaah, Anaconda! I remember seeing that one on TV.
I’m OK with snakes, I can wrap one around my neck no problem, but a snake that size??
No thank you!!
I guess the scariest part is that snakes that size do indeed exist. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!


Oh yes, The Shining.
I freaked out the first time I saw that scene, but it wasn’t good old Johnny that scared me.
It was the daughter ( was that the daughter?) in that scene that freaked me out.
Her expression, her screams, and her pale skin and long black hair looked so disturbing to me.

The very last shot at the ending still confuses me to this day though. :thinking:


I saw Freaks, made I think back in 1932. I remember coming out of the theater scared to death, and stayed that way for weeks. It was truly horrific and no child should ever see that.


I’m afraid I’ve never seen that movie.

I ain’t a kid, I’m a big girl now!:triumph:
…so is it safe for me to watch it??? :cold_sweat:


I’m not sure. It still scares me.


“Pet Cemetery”. I hate that movie. With a passion.


My first scary movie was The Lost Boys - back when vampires were scary and not the stars of awful love stories (although 10 year old me would probably have been more scared/scarred watching kissing to be fair)

Warning: Scary vampire scene towards end of trailer

Click for trailer


You should see the Bad Seed from 1956.



I remember seeing TONS of Christopher Lee Dracula movies when I was a kid.
The very first movie scared the *** out of me at first, but once I found out that all I need was garlic and a cross, I decided to watch more of them so I will know how to fight them…well, if I ever encountered one.


Ohhhh god, Pet Cemetery. Forgot about that one.
I remember I kept shouting at the screen saying stuff like

"Duuuuuude! Why the heck are you not listening!!? "
“Don’t just sit there and play cards!! She’s coming!!!”
“Ruuuuuuun! Dude, ruuuuuuun!”

…and of course none of that helped.


There are 2 big movies that traumatized me as a kid, and 1 that really traumatized me as an adult even more!

When I was living in Germany, I got to see The Fly - that guy getting badly mutated into a big fly, all that slimy stuff coming out, it played a number on me and I find flies the most disgusting things ever since. I remember having lots of nightmares about flies :grimacing:

Speaking of nightmares, while still in Germany, A Nightmare on Elm Street really gave me the real nightmares, and I was afraid to sleep for days after seeing it, thus refusing to see the other parts of this movie :scream:

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.
Three, four, Better lock your door
Five, six, grab a crucifix.
Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late.
Nine, ten, Never sleep again…

I know, I know, it’s a childhood trauma thread, but I still see myself as a child inside, and after the first part of “V/H/S” turned out to be amazing, the second one V/H/S 2 turned out the most amazingly disturbing movie I have ever seen in my life and probably none will ever be as disturbing as V/H/S 2, EVER - the last act literally turned my stomach inside out :nauseated_face: Stay away from this! You’ll regret seeing it, trust me :grimacing: Some things are better left unseen.


I was living in Japan, and my folks decided to visit South Korea for vacation. I must have been about 12 or 13 at the time. While there, we went to the Osan Air Base movie theater to watch Phantasm 2. Yeah… no. I walked out there, scared to death. As we walked back to the hotel that night, I was keeping a vigilant eye out. I won’t watch it anymore because Tall Man just terrifies me.

A close second would be Nightmare on Elm Street part 4 , but only because of the cockroach scene.


I was a 10-11 year old kid with some pocket change left (around $2), and I decided I will go to a local store and find some movie that was on discount in order to have something to watch when I come back home.

To my dismay and misfortune, I’ve came across this one.

In a way, I wanted to prove myself that I’m brave enough to watch horror movies (even though I was unable to sleep for days from even the most light-hearted ones at a time), and, to make this worse, this was the only one cheap enough for me to buy it with my change money!

No one else seemed to want it…

Little did I know that as soon as I come home I’ll realize why…
A few scenes into the movie and I’m screaming, covering in fear, getting further away from the TV and covering my eyes with my hands.

Scary killer clown, bleeding wounds, dead ghosts of kids and nightmare scenes are a fragments of what I remember through my trauma-induced fog. The movie was too much for my 11 year old (or 10) stomach.

It would be too much for me now as well, but at least I’m wise enough to admit I can’t handle horrors so I simply run out of the room, no shame felt, whenever someone plays 'em.

The clown haunted me for years after.

Seriously. Years.

Don’t watch that movie.

Never, ever watch it.

Some movies should just be burned down to the last copy as in times of inquisition. Both digitally and physically.


Any horror connoisseur should see this classic:


Just by looking at the cover, it seems to me like a rip-off of Stephen King’s IT…
but after reading your post, I guess it’s much scarier. (IT wasn’t that scary in my opinion,
at least not the original one…)

I’ll take your advice, I’ll stay away from it!