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Random logouts and have to login


For some reason, fiverr is logging me off and when I click to go to a new page, it makes me sign in. It’s done this 4 times this morning. Not sure what to do? I’ve been on fiverr for 3 months and this is the first time I’m being randomly logged out


Having the same issue :frowning: surprisingly it doesn’t happen while you’re online with the mobile app.


Yup. I’m having same issues. Every time I try to reply to a seller asking me questions on my order, it logs me out as I press send. When I log back in, I have to type the response all over again as it didn’t save and hasn’t gone through.


If that’s not bad enough, the attachments I am sending is not going through in some cases. I can clearly see it at my end but the sellers keep asking me when I’m going to send them the required attachments.

Annoying, but livable, as long as the finished order comes through so I can see and accept or ask for modification in fime.


By buyer got frustrated yesterday because of this same reason. He was getting my messages with a delay and thought that I was not providing modifications that he was asking.


I got logged out once today, so not that bad, but it never happens else.