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Random Messages?


Two days in a row now, I’ve received random messages from sellers looking to push their services, services I neither requested in BR nor went looking for manually…I DID look at logo-creators a month or so ago, but now I’ve got what I was looking for and could sellers even tell I’d looked at their gig if I didn’t message them?

AND, is this against the TOS? Besides ignoring it, is there something I can do to avoid being randomly messaged like that?


Did you PAUSE your BR if you ever posted one?

If you Log Out and log back into the forum, it will update your forum profile pic as well.


I never posted a BR. I was so new here I didn’t even know about them until I came to the forum looking for ways to find buyers. I manually searched through the logo-creators. And THAT was over 3 weeks ago, so I don’t know why I’d just now get messages…

Thanks for the tip on updating my forum pic; is it not showing?


Not yet. It has not synced with your Fiverr main site image yet.


Well, I JUST logged out and then back in a moment ago, so I don’t know, shrug.

But is randomly messaging people a reportable offense or should I just try to ignore them, unless they get too plentiful?


It updated now.

Well, Any messages you receive will need to be responded or it will count against your “Response Time”.

So you can simply respond by saying, “Not interested…” or whatever.

Reporting is completely up to you.


It is. Sending unsolicited messages for commercial purposes is considered spam, and it’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. You can click on the Report button in the upper right corner of the message, choose the spamming option, and then block the seller.


Thank you… I don’t want to go reporting people right and left, but if it gets out of hand, I may.


If they’re mass-spamming, they’ll get their messaging disabled anyway.

And then you’ll see them on the forum, crying about it.


lol Good to know! I don’t want to be a proverbial tattle-tale, but I also like to get in front of things, so it’s good to know this if I suddenly start getting them daily or anything…And I just double-checked BR and it says I haven’t posted any, so I don’t even know how they’re finding me.


It´s easy to contact you as you have gigs up yourself, I don´t want to tell you how, to not give anyone ideas, but there are other forums where people trade such genius tips to make sales (also tips that well might get their accounts banned and not just their messaging disabled).
If you don´t want to report them, you could write yourself one of those Quick Responses and send that to save time.


@tee_hi It’s not just you, desperate sellers tend to spam whoever they can, not realizing that they can only send messages to other sellers.

They seem to come in waves, too; a few months ago, all of a sudden, there was a bunch of whiteboard animators offering to make videos for my gigs (and no, I haven’t indicated, in any way, that I’m interested in getting videos for my gigs).


Reporting is the only way… see what I received today.


Thank you all for the information. I guess since sellers are spamming the BR, I’m not totally surprised by the messages, sigh.


Terrible writing, crap plot, not worth the money. Tell them to give up. And stop overusing the world “mouth-watering”. That sample… dear oh dear me.


Haha, that’s, uhm, wow. I only get VO folks asking me to favourite their gigs every now and then. (Boooring.)


Do you want part II… I have it as well… guess what at the end he said, To be continued to create suspense as if I want it.


Does it feature a time machine? With all the shifting tenses?


Oh, go on then. Let’s see how much worse it gets. Perhaps you could write back to them after and say “hey, I got a critique–that’s a pass from me” after we’re done.


Here you go, Enjoy. I must say, she was on weeds while writing this. Crap…