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Random new sellers sending PM’s?

Hi all,

Hope you’re doing well!

I’ve had a couple of concerns recently. Ever since I hit the Level 1 seller mark.
I’ve been almost spammed by more than 70 people who somewhat look like new sellers to me.

They send messages like “Hi. How are you. Can you help me” Some even ask me what I do for a living and how long I have been here. In fact, most are those which include abusive language and asking me to help them sell their gigs. Some even come disguised as buyers ask for custom offers and then end up sending you their phone numbers and emails.

How can we stop such people? Today itself I’ve got more than 15 msgs from such people.

It’s like they treat it like a messaging app!
Has anyone faced this? Its very frustrating as I’m worried it may affect my response rate. Been facing a lot of issues like this recently leading to trust issues and being overly alert about those who msg. :worried:

Kind regards,

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I had the same problem.

Since I am almost not active in the forum anymore the messages have decreased towards 0.

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Yeah, it definitely hasn’t been as bad as it’s been for you but as soon as I turned Level One I started getting the occasional message from random new sellers or just new profiles in general basically trying to get work for free.

There’s no way to stop them all you can do is report for spam and block.


Hi there. You’re not alone. I get loads of spam, even more since Covid, I guess. I’d recommend setting up a few “quick responses” (the lightning icon below the message box; for cases when you’re sure but don’t quite know yet if they are indeed spammers or just very inefficient customers, starting with “Hi” and nothing else) to send (also good to make sure your response rate and time won’t be affected, myself included, there are sellers for whom the “mark as spam, won’t affect your response rate” is buggy) and then report.
I didn’t use to report spam, unless it also looked like a scam, or was really very spammy, but it’s really become too much and does sour the experience for everyone who is treating this platform in a professional way.