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Random Order Cancellation


I hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.

Today I woke to the fact that my cancellations are now higher. Even tho I received no notification stating that someone had actually canceled anything.

When checking the pending clearance I can see that the money is down by some amount. Checking the logs I can clearly see some orders stated as canceled, when clicking on it the order seems normal and it doesn’t state it was canceled. I’m not sure what is happening may be a bug with Fiverr. Or should I contact CS?

Looking forward to your answers.

Oussama Barkouki


Hi Oussama and welcome to the Forum.

Sorry to hear about this cancellation issue. I’ve never heard of it before.
Could it be that a customer placed an order by mistake and then immediately cancelled it?
If I were you, before contacting CS, I would get in touch with the customer.
Perhaps the buyer can explain what actually happened with your order.

If no explanation can be found, then it may be a good idea to contact CS.

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I have the same issue, I actually have 100+ cancellations right now, out of which less than 20% are mine for the past 2 months. In my case, nothing is taken from the pending clearance tab, nor are they in expected earnings. Considering Fiverr had paypal issues, I just believe those are failed payments that people refund. I don’t see my cancellation rate going lower, despite having more and more cancellations. So it’s definitely not a cancellation via customer support, it’s something from the payment system not working properly.

Basically, you are not alone, this is happening to others too.

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Hi thanks for your answers.

I found out what the issue was and it has nothing to do with either a failed payment or an actual cancellation.

Basically few weeks ago i had a buyer place an order by accident before i even get the chance to send him a custom offer. So i ended up contacting CS and stating that my rate would drop for a reason i have no control of. Today they did actually cancel the order without affecting my states which is nice of them. Now here’s the complicated part. When they did that the order was basically gone and i have no record of it being received. Doing so they had to remove the money i was going to get from it. and they did that by placing previous orders as cancelled only on the logs (no idea why). i suspect the pending clearing will return to what it was previously by tomorrow (hope so).

Btw the previous orders were only marked as cancelled on the logs. when you click to view the order it still says you earned … with a green bar.

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Well, that means my issue is very weird. I mean I can’t have 95% completion rate with 100+ cancellations, so thankfully whatever it is, I am not penalized for that. It’s still not ok, because I am not sure how this affects my ranking

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That is really weird. Maybe try and contact support, they take some time to answer but i think they can resolve your issue.

I sure hope they find you a solution, like you said having 100+ cancellations is no good for a seller.

Eh, I have a 95% completion rate, so it’s definitely taking into account only my cancellations. That’s not affecting me in any way, and unlike most people on Fiverr, I don’t want to waste customer support’s time with menial inquiries.

I will just wait and see if it continues the next few months, then if it’s affecting me, sure.