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Random Orders and Cancellations

Just wanted to drop a little rant here.
There was an order that did not reach out to me before ordering. It was a brand new account created that day. and purchased a cheap gig.
Instantly I asked them to cancel it for a reason not associated with simply not talking to me before. But the request wasn’t something I was going to do and it would have been told to them via messages if they would have asked first.
I then poked around to see if there was an option to stop randoms via a whitelist option but there was none. I reached out to support and they were quick and nice but didn’t seem to understand the angle of my concern and simply said I could ignore people and to watch out my cancellation rating would be effected!
Obviously this wasn’t the answer I was looking for so I made a post in the suggestion forum and would love to have people respond to it if they desire a whitelist feature.
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