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Random people just trying to talk to me?

Hi all! a little new here. Is it normal to get random messages from people asking me “how im doing”? and not just placing an order??

I dont want to be mean but why are they trying to talk to me like that?? should i just ignore them??


Hi @darah86,

No! You should reply with a simple “Fine”, “Reported”, or whatever to protect your Response Rate, mark the message(s) as spam and block the user(s).


I’ve gotten those and have no idea what they are thinking by sending those but I just say ok and then block them. I wouldn’t call that normal but it does happen.


Thank you. Another one messaged me saying he has a proposition for me and wanted to talk OFF here and then provided his email address. I absolutely did NOT respond but it was 3 messages in total. I simply ignored it because i didnt know what else to do!


You’re most welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Never, ever, fall in this, and by no means give your email - they’re ususally scammers. Please keep in mind that it is a big violation of Fiverr TOS to communicate outside Fiverr.

Please carefully read Fiverr’s TOS - you’ll find it at the bottom of Fiverr’s main page.

Go back to those messages and please do what I told you. Reply, mark as spam and block. This will prevent your Response Rate to continue dropping.

For the one asking to communicate outside Fiverr, reply something like “Your proposition violates Fiverr’s TOS. All communication can only be held through this Inbox.”


And it may also prevent these people from wasting other sellers’ time.


Thank you yes. One of them is now trying to get me to allow him to call me…= /


Darah, what are you servicing, if I may ask?

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Please block. Wow. This person is bad news.


Tarot card readings, and providing spells. None of that requires speaking on the phone.


i did and i reported him.


Great! That’s the way to go! Just remember always to reply before doing so. :wink:


Yes! You can make a form response to make responding to spammers super quick and painless, too!


Well it seems that many of us get such messages. What I do when, by the style of their message, it is obvious they are not serious is

  1. respond asap in order to keep my response rate great
  2. reply: “Thank you for your message. Please read the gig-description and the packages description carefully prior to ordering.”

The non-serious disappear. The serious ones order. And happy end!

Updated after a comment by j6nyc6:
“You only have to answer their first message, that’s the only one that counts towards your stats.”:

*If they come back immediately with inappropriate style, then I block… and forget. *
But if they come back after a while, again I respond asap. Because the response rate might be affected as a message after some time could be considered as a “new message from a buyer”. Fiverr terms change from time to time so, to be safe with my response rate, I always respond to the same person, if time has passed.

If their message is not just “hi” but also a link like spam what I do is to:

  1. respond asap to keep my response rate great
  2. report… and forget

Hopefully that is a happy end :slight_smile:

Updated after a comment by j6nyc6:
“You only have to answer their first message, that’s the only one that counts towards your stats.”


While not common, and often leading to a proposal to break the rules, sometimes it’s just people who are new to the platform and/or don’t know how to approach the seller (especially since in some cultures it’s rude to get straight to the business). I usually tell them that I’m fine, thank them, and ask them what can I do for them. If it turns out that they’re spammers/scammers, I report them and block them, and if they’re legit buyers, we proceed.


You only have to answer their first message, that’s the only one that counts towards your stats.


Yeah i have also got some random messages and those people are just improving their higher response rate just it.

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You are right. I updated my comment to make it more clear. Thanks.

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You can “Google” their username and see whether they are potential buyers :wink:

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so many spammer are available on fiverr now a days.

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