Random Response Rate drop


My response rate has mysteriously dropped from 100% to 97% even though I’m quite certain that I’ve promptly responded to every inquiry within the last 60 days or so. Luckily, I haven’t had much problems with spam either .

Initially it seemed to be permanently stuck at 83%, then from about early March to late May this year, sales had dipped nearly to a halt and without even receiving messages, my rate fell from 83% all the way to 60%. Things went really silent then- no sales at all. Then I believe it was on June’s evaluation, when my account was the most inactive, the analytics were refreshed (everything went back to 100%) assumingly since there little to no activity for the past 60 days.

Since then everything has been buzzing with activity, receiving orders etc. However My sleep has been completely shredded and not because I’ve been completing orders- nope. I manage that decently enough. It’s the response rate. I am obsessed. If I were to send an inquiry to myself, I’d be slightly creeped out at how instantly I get a response back. That’s how bad it is :joy: . Most times you’d find me jolting out of sleep to check my phone for messages.

So my question is this;
How does your response rate randomly drop if you’ve been seemingly doing everything right Or is there something I’m missing???

Ps. You will also see that my response time is stuck at two hours. Which I’m okay with- far cry from having it be 8+ hours a couple months before


If you use the :mag: feature and search for response rate you will find many discussions about this subject. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I did before posting. They didn’t quite answer the question. I suppose in all fairness it’s more of a conundrum than anything else lol.