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Random stuff that happened

So this has nothing to do with Fiverr, but I thought it was interesting enough to share,
so here it goes.

I was in the train minding my own business, and I realized my ponytail was getting a bit loose, so I untied my hair, held my hair stick between my teeth, retied my hair, and as I was trying to take the hair stick so I can put it in my ponytail, a guy accidentally bumped into me, and my hair stick went flying through the air.

Just like an anime scene from the 90’s, I saw my hair stick spin through the air ( insert spinning sound effect) and it landed right between a young man’s legs. RIGHT in the crotch area.
He just happened to be sitting there with his legs slightly opened, and my hair stick just went STAB right between his legs. To make matters worse, my hair stick looks like a pair of scissors.

To be clear, no, my hair stick is NOT sharp like you see in those ninja/samurai movies, the stick did NOT stab the seat cushion or anything, but it just happen to land right there in a miraculously perfect balance, leaning against the poor boy’s crotch ever so slightly, so it looked as if the seat had been stabbed by the hair stick…it was just so perfectly standing there.

Clearly I could not reach over and grab it, so the young man politely retrieved my hair stick from the sensitive area, and handed it back to me with a smile. I apologized, of course.
BTW I saw him wipe the hair stick with his hands a few times before handing it over to me. Young man, it was OK, it didn’t get dirty or anything.
I am SO sorry for scaring you.

Seriously, what are the odds of a flying hair stick landing in such an area??
If anything fun/strange/random happened to you recently, I’m listening :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


That story is heavy with symbolism of some kind. And it’s also charmingly Japanese. Objects flying through the air to land in sensitive places, what was that epic Japanese movie I saw that had that in it so much, one about a special sword. How thoughtful of him to wipe it off. :rofl:


I’m sorry. All I read here was: ’Single woman uses telekinesis to pick up a date on subway train.'

There was no elaborate series of coincidences here. I’ve seen it a thousand times. Your subconscious mind has decided that it is time to hunt for a mate. As it grows more powerful, you may very well notice many such ‘coincidences.’

Joking, of course. :wink:


… telekinesis is fine too, but I prefer the force. :rofl:

I thought that was so sweet too. So unnecessary, but I really appreciate him doing that! :sweat_smile:
I DID find a hair stick in the shape of a sword, thank god I didn’t buy that one instead.


I couldn’t help but think when I read it that it meant to direct your attention to him as being the one.

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I concur with my esteemed colleague, Cyaxrex.
This is what was actually going through Zeus’ head at the time


Cyax, if you don’t mind. Cyex is my adult movie name and completely not appropriate for this thread. The last thing I need is to have to worry about hair stick assassination attempts on my manhood.


Here’s her subconscious thought:

The subconscious doesn’t mess around!

If she’s taken karate I mean. It’s there if needed.

If I REALLY wanted someone’s attention, I’ll try a more peaceful and less threatening way
that doesn’t involve any sharp objects or throwing balls at people :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Sounds nice to me. In case you’re wondering, my adult movie name is Maya Silverspur.
(combining the name of your first pet and the school you went to)

I haven’t taken any karate lessons, but I have practiced aikido for about 8 years :wink:
We didn’t use any hair sticks though :sweat_smile:


I that case, my real adult movie star name is Scruff Barrington. - I quite like it!

We could have a movie called Scruff Barrington and Maya Silverspur’s Subway Sessions.

I imagine that it would sell quite well by the title alone. Maybe we should start some kind of GoFundMe campaign to set the wheels in motion. :thinking:

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My adult movie star name would be Booboo Montgomery.

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With a name like that, I don’t know whether you’d be better suited for grumpy adult movies or an X-rated sketch with Mr Burns of Simpsons fame.

If I was you, I’d just stick to Miss Crystal. It will make it easier to find an agent. - If you ever want one. :wink:

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In that meme I posted the guy had a long stick in his mouth, I assume it was the handle of a mouth guard, and he fell face first right on that. It was a rough landing for him.