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Random stupid question, how do I get clients? :)

I mean, how can people find you?


You need to make your GIG images, description, keywords and your profile outstanding.

If you fall under the categories that have 100000 sellers and over you have to use buyers request.

And when you get first clients make sure your communications is superb because that will count for future as well.

First of all, create 7 gigs for the newcomer.
Get clients by your gig ranking, impression and clicks
Share your gig on social media
Try to active on the forum to know about many tips
Try to create eye-catching thumbnails
Create a gig with a Proper description

Good Luck

It takes time and effort to build a Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait! to start building your business.

“i represent the CEO of PsychoDrift Clothing”

Either you represent the CEO, or you are the CEO; either way, this prose doesn’t bring any value to your profile, it doesn’t entice a buyer to checkout.

Nobody knows who PsychoDrift Clothing is, so why pretend you’re a brand people know? If you had that much brand recall you’d be doing direct sales, not hunting for them on a marketplace.

Your profile text would be better suited to something more client driven.

You’ve one gig, you can have more but they need to stand out more, both visually and the words used, of which you can use many more, 1,200 characters in total and your gig looks like you’ve lots of potential to fill it out with the terms people are searching for.

Read the terms, spend hours on the forum, study the marketplace, know your competition and figure out why their gigs sell, know the other newcomers and figure out why they don’t sell.

If you do a hardcore marketplace analysis you’ll see what separates failure and success here, much of it is mindset, like 99% with the other 1% being luck.