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Random "Swell" In Orders

Hello wonderful people of Fiverr, I’ll keep this short and sweet so we can all get back to work.

I’m still relatively new on Fiverr (just starting my 4th month) and my voiceover gig struggled to gain much traction. I got odd jobs here and there, but nothing to really write home about. Untiiiillll the last week or two, where I started seeing an increase in traffic to my gig page. It hasn’t been anything crazy, but I’ve gone from the average 1-2 views per day to an all time high of 13-16 per day in the last couple days. I haven’t changed anything on my gig page in several weeks, which in the past has caused spikes in clicks and views as high as gasp… 8. It used to be the case I would see a gig or two on a good week, but then just today I managed to score three gigs (two separate clients).

I was wondering, has anyone else experienced such a boost in traffic as well? Or have I just found favor with the freelance gods and all of a sudden my gig is gaining traction? Maybe I’ve gotten enough reviews (all 12 of them) that people don’t just automatically pass my gig over?

I guess my concern is, is this a fluke in Fiverr’s search algorithms that I should expect to go away as quickly as it came? Or am I making real headway?

Fiverr is promoting new sellers right now. Most of the old sellers have been banished to the last pages while promoting new sellers on the first pages.

That would explain it. Guess my best bet then is to make use of this weirdness while it lasts and try and build some momentum for when it regulates out. My apologies then to the hard working veterans who are currently being shafted by the search bar.

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Come on, you don’t owe anyone an apology. Just take this chance to build up some recurring clients.

I suppose I’m not so much apologizing for something I’ve done (or not done in this case), but sympathizing with those who may be seeing a related dip in business.
Point taken though, not planning to let the opportunity slip by without taking advantage of it.

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