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Rank down suddently

Hello Friends . I need some suggestion . Actually before 5 days my gig rank was on first page than suddently a buyer send me message inbox to create website on some low budget so I send her custom offer in low budget . and than She given me 4.3 rating while i have done complete work. Than from next days my rank suddently down but after those order I got some more orders n got 5 star but rank is very down till now . please ler me what can be reason for rank down ? And how I get rank again on first page ? Is that anything need to changes on my gigs please suggest me . Beside this can someone tell me how can I become always online on fiverr as fivere app automatically make me offline after some miniturs . There are one user I am seeing them online continues from many days always they are in first page while his complete rating is 4.6 so I surprise how he got always online ? What is the secrrat in it ? thanks

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