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Rank gig top page

hello, Fiverr community.

as a new seller how to rank my gig top 10 page?
is there have any tips? please share your idea this helps me a lot to gain my success


No tips or tricks. Otherwise everyone would’ve been able to manipulate fiverr algorithm and be on the first page. And then there is a paradadox: everyone can’t be on first 10 pages so even with tips and tricks people will end up being further in search :woman_shrugging:


Social Media Marketing might be one of the way…


i am not find my any if gig in top 20.
so how should i get order if my gig not rank?


The same way as if you would’ve run your own business.
And why your gig should rank higher than anyone else? You need to prove to fiverr with your track record that you are a reliable seller with an amazing service.


your idea is very helpful.
are you talking about fiverr skill test to prove myself ?


Doing SEO optimisation of your gig with competitive keyword research can help.

However, if you really want to be in first page then you have to work hard to give the best services. Remember, telent gets profit in Fiverr.

All the best😄

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Same question of me too…


Use one of the following to get your first $$$ on fiverr

Share Share Share, Work on 2% success rate and let people see your gig (go on fb, quora, LinkedIn and search content RELATED to your gig, engage with people and post your gig link

You will get amazed by the number of impressions, and it builds up (remember this is organic not paid)

I also recommend embedding your gig offsite to get a backlink (some people create a separate offsite page for each gig)

For me honestly, I have asked a friend to go purchase any of my packages and I refunded him in cash to get my first review

It was a good fiverr experience because I used the dashboard, and went through the job submission process


This comes under fraud. You are literally buying reviews. This is against the TOS. You are fooling the potential buyers. Its because of you and people like you are ruining this marketplace. It seems you havent read the TOS. I dont understand from where does these people come from? Here they are giving advices which is against the TOS.

Impressions dont get you order neither does clicks. If your work is unique you will get orders.


I strongly suggesting you to read this otherwise your account is in danger


Buyer Request will help to get your first order if and only if you have strong portfolio or something unique to offer for the buyer and I got my very first order in Fiverr through out a buyer request.

If you need to get your gig on the first page well it’s up to Fiverr algorithm.


Backlinks just bring people to Fiverr. Fiverr specifically stated that backlinking doesn’t work for gig ranking, they have their own algorithms for ranking. So all you’re doing is you’re offering Fiverr more backlinks.

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how can i provide best service if i don’t have any order even not any buyer message?


Correct!! This thing is handled by Fiverr Editors. However, I have been noticing a kind of biasedness in ranking certain gigs and in assigning “Fiverr Choice” badge as well.

SMM and Stay Online.

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Then be prepared to receive a warning or have your account suspended.

You share you gig :heart: :heart:

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As for me the 5 keywords has a great impact in ranking so choose wisely regarding your services!

Beside There are plenty of topics already here in forum!
So explore and have fun:D

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No trick to bring gig in the first page, But you can be Marketing your gig on Social Media.

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