Rank MY GIG on #1 Page


I am a Graphic Designer. In 1 week ago my book cover gig has #1 page but now my has the last page. Now my gig has 13 reviews. This is my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/graphic_world5/give-you-unique-book-cover-design please tell me how can I rank my gig on FIRST PAGE.


I think Fiverr rotates the gigs so it may not possible to be placed on the first page consistently. Though you could try different tags to see if that helps.

You could change the image text that says “WE ARE PROVIDE HQ BOOK COVER”.
In the gig package descriptions you could change where it says “Print Rady” to “Print Ready” or “Print-Ready”.


It’s not… some GIGs are not rotating in everytime.
I think it might be a bug.