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Rank my Gig please

Please look at my gig and suggest me some blast tricks to improve my gig ranks.

many thanks folk

With a lot of expectations from seniors

Kind regards


In your “I will excel data entry word tying work virtual assitance” gig the gig image the text in the image doesn’t look very clear. It also seems to say “Onlne Service Provider” instead of “Online Serivce Provider”.

Also it says “virtual assitance” in the title - maybe you meant “virtual assistant”.

In your “I will enter data in ms excel, type ms word, pdf spss and cspro, capi” gig the form in the main gig image says “Merital” instead of “Marital”.


Dear UK1000 …

I really appreciate you notify these errors I tried my level best to remove all u have mentioned. One thing I Liked the most you deeply analyzed everything (I really appreciate it) I also notified merital rather marital. This was my mistake,…

Many thanks Once again.

please i need your support to rank my gigs.

please must visit again

Once again many thanks for your precious time.

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