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Rank your gig on the top of the page

We know you want tto rank your gig on the top of the page.It is easy and simple.

1.spend more than 1 hour in fiverr account daily
2.Use Accurate Tags
3.Get visitors to your gig.
4.get Favourite your gig

If you get this points you can improve your gig to top of the page.

Thank You

My fiverr gig-

Dear Mr chanuzone.

I do hate to say this but there is a funny smell emanating from the direction of your post.

#1 it does not matter if you spend 1 hour or 24 hours a day on Fiverr. It will make no difference to where your site ranks. It is all well and good wanting to help people and helpful posts are to be encouraged but this is simply not true. A lot of people use the fiverr app and and are on fiverr for more than a few hours a day.

#2 optimizing tags will not put your gig on the first page. Other factors such as descriptions and titles are more important but just doing that is not going to make sales and get you on the first page either.

#3 Maybe you would like to expand on this and tell people how to get visitors to their gigs. Just telling people that getting impressions on their gigs does not help and most certainly will not do much to push the gig anywhere without sales and feedback from real customers.

#4 the only people who can favorite your gig are buyers and no one is going to do that until they see feedback from other buyers.

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I am new at Fiverr. I haven’t get a single sell yet ! Thanks for your tips

You just to say, how to visit your gigs.

Thanks It’s helpful…