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Ranked gig moved to last page after ID VERIFICATION

did anyone else face this issue where your gig is ranked on all keywords, then all of sudden fiverr ask for ID verification, i gave it straight away but then after few hours my gig was removed from every single keyword and pages. After further review i found the gig on end page.
Is there a way to resolve this? fiverr said its normal and nothing happened. When i have seen this happening myself. I have got no late orders, bad feedback and cancelations.


@shakeelqayyum55 because your gig deleted from fiverr so best option is that contact with

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And second thing if once your gig deleted from fiverr after this you can not get it or fiverr will never reactive it.

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no gig is active. They just asked for ID verification, i did that, it said ID is verified. I thought everything is fine now, but when i checked my gigs position, its moved to last page of every keyword, check this screenshot using 1 filter UK, it was on 1st line, now its moved to 2nd page last line. Big jump, on basis of ID?.


@shakeelqayyum55 Please send your front and back ID picture to fiverr.

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already done that and ID is Verified.

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The OP has already verified his ID and his gig has not been deleted.

His question is about losing gig ranking.


i faced this before, and asked support why that happened, they checked the gig it was some tips in gig description and gig photo then it is back again

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I have faced these problem when I make the I’d but some times fiverr done something which is not good for getting order

I guess the best thing you can do is keep working to get it back up again!


so you faced same issue? where gig is disappeared after ID verification.

@brenna_n i understand but when gig is thrown to last page on basis of nothing then its my right to find out why this happened and i am trying to find a solution.