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"Ranked sellers trouble" - we all on the bottom at search result. No orders - no money?

I noticed that from August 1, 2020, the flow of questions and orders from new customers has stopped.
Instead of 5-6 new customers every day there is just zero now.
I looked for my gigs and found them all at the very bottom of the search results.

Five star Gig with hundreds of reviews lies below absolute beginners and low-rated gigs.
From first line to last page for one day!
Besides myself, I saw on the last page of all my fellow competitors of the 2nd level.
How do you like that, friends?

Support politely advised to read the forum.

P.S. If we don’t make any income this month, how will Fiverr itself make money?

This is the first time I’ve seen this in 2 years.
Who what thinks about this?
It will be black August


The situation you are speaking of is normal on Fiverr. Your placement is all part of the secret Fiverr algorithm. I was getting several orders per day, and now I too am going through a dry spell due to my gigs’ placement.

There are only 48 first page positions for gigs, and not all of the gigs on Fiverr can appear there. Fiverr also boosts new sellers by letting them appear on the first pages for a short time.

There is not much you can do about the situation. I use the time to improve my gigs and relax, knowing my time to be in a better search placement will return.

Fiverr is not dependent on each of us as sellers as there are tens of thousands of sellers on Fiverr.


I think fiverr algo boosts gigs with recent reviews. I also think lot of new sellers are buying reviews. Looking at market place its clearly apparent to me. Thats a whole another topic for discussion.
But does buyers want this though? Does buyers want to buy gig from new sellers especially with fake reviews? Thats the real question.

I have noticed that too.

I think most buyers are knowledgeable enough to figure out if reviews are fake. I am a seller and a buyer on Fiverr. I read not only the reviews of the seller, but I look at the buyer’s profile. If the buyer has reviews from the seller, then I know the reviews are more than likely fake.

Also, many buyers and sellers with questionable accounts and claim to be US citizens will soon be losing their accounts due to Fiverr’s new requirement that they prove they are US citizens by submitting a W9 tax form with their Social Security number on it. :wink: Good riddance to such fake accounts and their fake reviews.


If that were the case I wouldn’t also be facing a slump in sales.

Public reviews are not as “important” factors to the algorithm anymore.

They used to be, but not anymore.

Aside from negative reviews, anything over 3.0 stars is pretty much useless to the algo.

The number of sellers sporting a 4.9+ average nowadays is insane.

So the algorithm has been adjusted.

Did you know that it’s partly why the “secret reviews” were introduced?

Those are much more important to how you rank.


I have also noticed a drop of sorts in August. This is the first time this year I went so long without getting any new jobs.

My main gig is still first page for my keywords, but now on 5th row instead of 1st or 2nd as it used to be.

Still first row for best selling for now, but if the drought carries on who knows…

I wonder if I should rework SEO and edit it, maybe even changing the category, but I fear it may make things worse.

For now I am waiting for one of my repeat customers to come back to get the ball rolling again.

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Wow! No, tell me about it.

Unfortunately, Fiverr’s algo does seem to try and spread the love so that people who are beginners or level 1 get a bite of the cherry. I suppose it’s their way of getting the cream to float to the top. Because what, in theory, should be happening is that we get lots of regular customers which means we’re not so dependent on the search results.

However, I know I’ve been through fallow periods too. At first I panicked, and changed lots of things in my gig - profile description, gig description, tags. You name it and I definitely changed it. I had a very slack period before Christmas - horrible - and I had to tighten my belt. Then things changed and got better in January. So, what I’d say is that just tickle your gigs, maybe polish them a bit, get your friendly local proofreader (me) to check them for you and make sure your images are professional and your tags are likely to work. Then wait…


No, it really abnormal

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All my gigs ended up on the same page, regardless of rating, services or number of reviews.
I will assume that the ‘secret algorithm’ reacts to the stats of the seller and not the gig.

yes he is right . i clossed my account and start a new account . but the result is empty.

In the 3 years, I have been here it has been normal for me and if you use the search feature on the forum you will see that it has happened to many sellers.


You’re going to fluctuate. That’s how marketplaces work.

Your not ranking where you want to be and getting the success you did before doesn’t indicate a problem. It’s literally just how commerce works.

Focus on creating a sustainable business instead of relying on ranking well in a subcategory and then being mad at Fiverr when you don’t get that.

No successful business relies on factors it can’t control. What research have you done on your competition here?


Oh hey thanks for mentioning my topic! Also this is pretty unfair for all us sellers and new sellers should work themselves up the ranks!

same problem I have last 4 month. But my gig some times going to normal then again back on last

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HI Everyone,
i too am facing the same issue , from 6 Aug my bestseller gig has been moved to the last page from the 1st page, impressions and clicks are almost near to zero now, i am rolling the ball with my previous clients, don’t know how long will it take

I read the forum.
There are topics with similar seller problems.
The guys have been in distress for 2 months already.
This is a catastrophe.

I have same problem 4 months to yet :sob: :sob:

I am also facing the same problem now from last 2 weeks.
Anybody can tell me after what time period they got the search rank back?