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Ranking based on irrelevant stats?

I clicked (accidentally) at one of those tags in the “skills” section on the left pane of a profile page. The tag was “medical writing” and the window titled as “the best medical writing experts” opened (top 16). I was a bit curious about who those people are (studying competition is always a good idea :)).

So, who are the top 16 medical writing experts of Fiverr?

  • Sorted based on the total number of reviews.
  • 5 out of 16 accounts does not exist anymore (“the page is no longer available”)
  • 3 out of 16 stated “medical writing” because of their formal education but none of their gigs is about medical writing.
  • 3 out of 16 have a medical writing gig, but reviews on the gig make less than 10% of reviews (those sellers predominantly provide other services, such as SEO or smth like that).
  • 5 out of 16 are, indeed active medical writers, I see their gigs regularly and they are Fiverr’s the best medical writing experts.

So, 50% of the results are completely irrelevant, approx 20% are in the top 16 but not because of medical writing and the remaining 30% are indeed active medical writers.

Any thoughts?


Interesting! I have never even known those are clickable :sweat_smile: I’ll have to see how broken that feature is. No wonder it’s so hidden!

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Interesting. :thinking: I did not even know they were clickable. :open_mouth:

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I show up on the song writer and rapper page.

Interesting observations. I think the fact that you found five medical writers who seem to be decent at it shows it works well. Naturally it won’t be perfect but it did point you in the right direction.

Interesting thought bro :wink: !

I’ve seen comparable results. Will be a bit confusing for buyers following those recommendations when they hopefully click one of the sellers recommended for a specific skill to find they don’t offer any gigs to do with that skill.

What is most astonishing though is 5/16 profiles don’t exist anymore.
One of the most prominent arguments made for all the changes of the last months was that they want to show(case)/rank higher sellers/gigs that actually are available, got reviews recently (reviews of only 60 days shown), etc., so it does seem rather weird that the algorithm for those recommendations does display profiles that don’t exist anymore. 5/16 recommendations are N/A? 5/16? That algorithm most obviously needs some work.


This is the first I’ve heard of this feature. I doubt if many other people know you can click on those words on seller’s profiles to get a list of everyone who has those.

Many sellers in my section don’t have anything at all listed in their profiles, as if they don’t even know that’s there.

Interesting. Just had a root around based on your post … and fascinating results, as you say.

If fiverr can get the algorithm sorted - sounds so easy, but much work goes into it! - it may well help with ranking gigs.

Thanks for that.

Thank you all for takong time to share your opinion about this. I hope The rest of the ranking algorithm works better than the skill tags :slight_smile:

I clicked on the tags in the skill section and I’ve noticed that a lot of people are not real doctors or medical students. I would like to take this opportunity to raise a question, since I saw from your profile that you are a doctor; I am a 5th year student and next year I will be a doctor as well. I have noticed that a lot of gigs related to medical articles, medical writing, are offered by people who do not have a title or by many people who do a copy-paste job, even with poor English. This is a problem, because Fiverr doesn’t check titles and I see people who aren’t even doctors getting more reviews and attention than me. I don’t think that’s fair, what do you think?