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Ranking: better to edit an old gig or start a new one?

I’m thinking of changing one of my Gigs completely, even though the service I will provide still belongs in the same Fiverr category.

In terms of ranking, is it better to edit a Gig already published (though with no reviews) or to post a new one? I guess what I’m asking is: do new Gigs get some boosts in the ranking, or it’s all the same?

If you have no review… You can delete your gig… And upload new gig…
If you have review on your gig… Can can edit your gig

If you type “gig lost rank after editing” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may find interesting.

I don’t mind losing ranking, I was wondering if a new gig is given some advantage from Fiverr, like it does for new sellers!

Yeah… that… was obvious. But I was wondering if new gigs are given some kind of advantage from Fiverr, otherwise I really can just edit my old one.

If you type “does a new gig get a boost” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may suggest that they don’t. Have a read through them before proceeding.

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None of the posts I found mentioned this problem specifically, but thank you for the advice!

One of them I read did. That is why I mentioned it in my reply. Didn’t read them all.

Anyhow, will leave it with you.

I think common sense should be used here. If you are dramatically changing the gig then the previous reviews wouldn’t be fair or relevant to the new gig. If there were small edits such as changing the product offered but the same skills are needed, I would think this would be okay. If you are offering html coding and change to logo design, I wouldn’t think that is acceptable.

Obviously reviews are everything, so if you are just changing a small amount I would edit the existing gig.

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