Ranking Buyers with More than Just Stars


I would like to be able to sort my buyers into categories for myself. I’d either like to be able to sort my messages into folders (like you can in email programs) or be able to rank them, for example 1 being a horrible client and 10 being an excellent client. These rankings would not be seen by anyone other than me, but it would help me if I wanted to send special deals to my top clients, and to avoid working with problematic clients. Any thoughts?


Uhm, you can already do most of that using the Labels feature (note the “problem buyer” label assigned to conversations with problematic buyers):

You could then create labels with ratings, like “1-star buyers”, “2-star buyers”, etc., and assign them accordingly.


Oh thank you! I had never noticed that label feature. Hadn’t looked at that area in a couple of years and didn’t notice that they added that option. Thank you!


And the funny thing is that I had sent this in to feature support last week, and they responded back that the feature does not exist and that they would forward my suggestion to the developers, haha.


The exact features you’ve requested don’t exist. The “labels” feature is a workaround that can be used to simulate the functionality you need :wink:


Right, because I would like to be able sort them or break them out into folders so I could send mailings and not have to scroll through YEARS of clients.


As I said, you can organize your buyers by assigning them “labels” that you create, which you can think of as “folders”, and when you click on a label on the left sidebar you’ll see all those who you’ve labeled as such :slight_smile:


OK great. I’ll play around with it later. Thanks for your help!


Ranking Buyers with More than Just Stars

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Good buyers and sellers with these: :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:


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