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Ranking destroyed, how to get it back?

Hello, I started with Fiverr a month ago and got over 70 Orders in my first month. I never thought I would get so many orders in my first month. I was a bit overwhelmed with the situation, as I had to repair my laptop in between. Therefore I could not deliver some orders in time. Now my rankings have become pretty bad.

What is the best thing I can do now to improve my ranking again?

Response Rate: 100%
Delivered on Time: 83%
Order Completion: 92%


same here. im also facing this problem i have been work here over 4 years now more than 1k+ reviews amanda i think your Delivered on Time and Order Completion both are decreased like my profile that’s the problem. i think your gig not appear on search result also but gig stats - active am i correct ?

  1. Extend your delivery times so that you don’t get late.

  2. Deliver everything on time.


you increase your response rate .and you timely deliver your all jobs .

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Yes, I think I need to boost sales via Social Media and then deliver everything on time so the rates increase again

Also you could set the “limit orders in queue” for gigs to an amount you’d most likely be able to deliver in time.

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