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Ranking going down - I am near to going the Top rated as well

My gig ranking suddenly going down.I am near to going the Top rated as well.
My Gig -


I think your secret buyer reviews are not good or you are not active all time … rank fall down for those reason… And marketing your gig all time …Fixt this problem then gig will rank again insa-Allah. Best wishes.


How can I market my gigs all the time please?

Not active all the time. So the problem is due to being human? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


by using fiverr app and maximum time spend can help make all time active :grinning: :wink:

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same problem :disappointed_relieved:
plz help me my gig-

But that doesn’t help “ranking” which isn’t really a thing on Fiverr. Being active all the time has a minuscule effect on gig visibility. There are far more influential and important actions one can take to try to improve their profile. Appearing online all the time isn’t one of them.


Last week my gig was 2nd page and i get a order he give good review and he satisfied .i successfully complete it…but then 2 days i was not active for current issue… so my gig rank fall down … why???