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Ranking my gig on first page

Hello everyone,
Its been months i an trying rank my gig but not even i have seen my gig ranking till 10th page.
I have shared my gig on social media, added related tags, title and description but not able to rank my gig till now.
Can anybody help me out in this issue?
I want to know how to bring my gig on starting pages, if any special requirements are there, plz let me know.
Thank you


Sharing your gig on social media doesn’t influence your ranking. We’ve been through this many times.

There is no magic way to rank a gig higher.


So what is the criteria of fiverr to show gigs on first page. On which basis?

You need to research. I’m not rehashing everything plus Fiverr wouldn’t reveal their algorithm because then people would game the system…

Just realise that doing tasks doesn’t make you rank higher and learn how algorithms work in business. And most of it is factors out of your control.

Also, think about it: thousands and thousands of sellers are also doing things to rank higher but there are only like thirty spots on the first page. They all can’t rank high can they?

It’s based on Fiverr’s business objectives, not based on silly tricks Fiverr sellers do to try to rank higher…

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ok, thanku for your suggestion

Only your performance will lead your gig to rank on the first page and there is no other shortcuts.

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