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Ranking of gig is down for the last 3 months

please help… ranking is going downward day by day. what should I do?


Keep up per days gig marketing social media :blush:


You can try to update the keywords of your GIGS. Browse your subcategory to see what the most common keywords are for your service. Then make sure you add the relevant search tags to your Gig.

Also please change this topic category to Improve My Gig


i have changed titles a lot of times but in vain … 3 months have been passed :frowning:

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If you type “gig ranking down” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on this much discussed subject.

Take some time to read through them.


for sure… thanks


Update the gig image to be a catchy and well explained and adding alt tags same as your gig title for better seo .

Open first 5,10 gigs of same category as yours go through their tags , analyze and use most common tags out of them , and also try to include those tags in your Gig description wisely to get it better ranked on first page .

Hopefully when you will get your gig ranked on frist page using these two techniques your problem will get solved .
If anything else come up do let me know .

Best of Luck :+1:


edit and promote it to the social media so its must be ranking to your gig

I think It will help but not sure. Well said bro

I think if you add a video of yourself describing your gig then that will be of great help. Hope this helps.


i tried to change tags and description a lot of time but in vain. i will try again as you suggested.

thank you so much for the kind suggestion.

yeah but i cannot do it