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Ranking on Fiverr (SEO)

So, my account was marked for feedback manipulation, which is correct, BUT, the only reason is, me wanting to rank higher with fiverr, based on honest feedback. All the work I’ve done (up to level 2) has been honest and due to many orders, I couldn’t complete on time, so dropped to bellow level one, lol. Ergo, I need feedback to rank high again, also to get my delivery time stabilized. Level 2 to 0…You need to chill Fiverr, Most of us aren’t part of a team/studio that can share the load, and can’t afford to suspend our gigs, so we let the orders flood…

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But if you manipulated the feedback by having the same buyer rate your gigs several times in a row around the same date, is that honest feedback? :thinking:


Hey Alex I understand your frustration and anger but Fiverr is not out there to get you.

If you kept dropping the ball on multiple orders and missed delivery time then getting feedback is not the solution.

Getting positive reviews wouldn’t help you rank as Fiverr now knows you are underperforming.

You need to take a good look at your process and start working towards being more efficient.

You need a solid frame work if you are to handle multiple orders at a time without a hitch.

Everything that has happened to you so far happened because you didn’t have a solid frame work (or this was your side business so you couldn’t scale properly) and your solution was to break ToS to ask for reviews.

At least now you know what you have to do.

It’s up to you.


Hi, I don’t understand your question. Do you mean you don’t think your level should have been lowered?

If yours was lowered due to not delivering on time there are simple solutions you can find to fix that.

Thanks. It just seemed that way at a glance, without a proper introspection. This ‘timeout’ is actually good, as it allows self growth…

I guess. They should have a system where after missing several delivery targets (completed eventually) you get a warning that your level will drop. But what do I know. At least I don’t have to care that much about small gigs and play for positive reviews.

You don’t get it. Honest means I’m not a fraud, and the only reason for the feedback is getting closer to level 2 again, which is wrong, because the only factors that matter are the ones that demoted my level in the first place. (delivery time)

Hi Alex, they do have that system.
When your rating drops lower than 90% your stats immediately become red (in app it’s a huge circle on top :o: And in web it’s a red “delivered on time” on your dashboard when you open your profile and orders.

Also you can find there “standards to maintain” and “your next evaluation” and date.
So at this point it’s no brainier that you’ll be demoted.
Fiverr doesn’t send you upfront notification because you might be able to fix your stats before the evaluation date.
So I really don’t see a point on sending notifications about potential demotion


Your answer is very valuable. thank your @frank_d.

Glad I could help…

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