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Rankings when Fiv pauses a gig?


Hi :slight_smile: Wondering if this situation will affect my gig’s rankings. (Is rankings the word? Not sure but you know what I mean.)

A few days ago I edited an old gig of mine, which finally started to take off about 2 weeks ago.
I think I published the gig about a year ago and it’s a miracle or something that I now have 3 clients who order the gig every week (it’s an online class gig).

The gig was paused by fiv, being under review and disappeared from the search (but still appeared on my profile). Today it turned into a ‘pending approval’ gig (just because the word ‘homework’ was in my description. I assume no one read the description, in which there was no violation of TOS. Instead that word is a new flagged word–but doesn’t matter. I deleted the sentence with ‘homework’.) So now the gig doesn’t appear on my profile either.

I assume there’s no reason why the gig won’t be approved and appear on my profile again within a day or two.

My question is whether or not rankings will be affected all these status changes fiv made.

Does anyone know for sure? I prefer asking you all here than asking CS.
Thanks so much, May :slight_smile:

Need Your Help about the Gig Modification

No idea dear phewwwww


That is what is scary.

People talking about SEO this, SEO that, has clearly NO idea how Fiverr works.
This is not google where search results are static based on SEO and backlinks.

The results on the SERP of Fiverr is linked to a very dynamic object: the gig.

So people might tell you pausing worked for them, and after they came back everything was fine and dandy, those people are the minority.

The algorithm is well oiled machine here, and you are small cog in the entire system, the moment you take yourself out of it, another similar cog will replace it and getting back is not so simple.

So absolutely avoiding Pausing a gig or turning on Vacation Mode would be the most ideal thing.
@writer99025 came back from vacation and still confirms that his gig does not revert back to its pre-vacay position. Although there are other metrics involved here, but as I just said, his position had been filled by someone else.

So you most probably would have to bring the momentum of your gig back up again, by increasing the VOLUME of sales and decreasing the TURN-AROUND of them.


I think search positions are important when you are starting out. I haven’t checked my search positions since January and the last few months have been my busiest on Fiverr. I am booked for the next 1 month as well. The important thing is to have a few regular buyers who make $100-$200 orders than many new buyers who make $5 orders.