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Ransomware virus attack on my pc!

I fell victim to this virus when I sent a buyer request last night. I don’t know how it happened. My everything is over. I am a new sellar so I didn’t understand anything. All my necessary files have not been saved anywhere else. I’m very disappointed . All my hard work ended in a moment in front of my eyes. :cry::cry::cry:


no, i dont think your all hard work ended because now you dont have to start from zero but from a experience.(for further safety always keep a antivirus in pc)

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I had antivirus. But nothing worked :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

@athoi123 Did you download any zip file from the buyer request?

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Hi there @athoi123

Please describe with more details what happened, what did you do, and what is being displayed now on your PC?

Please turn it off and do not use it or connect it to internet.

There is no way your computer has been swiped clean unless you deliberately allowed this to happen over the course of 15-45 minutes.

Now, off course proper hacker can destroy your computer in 10 seconds, but I see no reason why would high profile HC target you and also people who operate on the scammer ransom center have very low or no IQ, akhm, sorry, IT IQ.


Yes. Yesterday I downloaded a zip file from the buyer reques. But I couldn’t unzip it . That was my mistake right?

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What happened to your computer, how do you know you have been infected, why do you believe your files are gone?

@athoi123 Dear from now onwards don’t download any zip file because many of these are hackers and they compress the code for hacking your pc or laptop.
I am an computer expert and had seen these types of files thats why I am telling.
They just need one click on their file and thing start doing its work immediately.

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Yesterday I received a mail from eventbrit . com and I opened it. There were 2 links inside it. It was written View Order & others, I also clicked on it. I went into it and click on another link. I also downloaded the zip file from the one Buyer Request yesterday. I already given Windows format. Is there any fear now? :disappointed_relieved:

Why would you do this? Who told you to do this?

Who formats Windows over virus?!?

If you formatted your computer then yes, your files are 90% gone, but it is not due to virus. It is your fault. Virus had nothing to do with your files being gone.

You can still recover your files but you will have to send your hard-drive to professionals and pay.

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They changed file formet to .freelocker extension and now Their asking money to unlock all my files.

What are you talking about???

Is this real?

Do you really do not know anything about computers?

How would they have access to your files if you did not use Team viewer or some remote access program??

What you have seen is just ridicules message set to display automatically over screen. Nothing on your computer was actually compromised.

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Hey did you had any backup of important files ??
Anywhere on drive or in USB??

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Virus are in grades and more effective than others, virus can stop your computer from working, they can lock all your files with a pin…

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Unfortunately no. It’s my big mistake… I have lost all of my files :disappointed_relieved:

You mean the vrius locked all your files? Who are those asking for money to unlock it?

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Thats your big mistake

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Yes, for someone like me who works all over, I can get a serious virus (deliberately :D), but for some kid who is working on Fiverr and has knowledge level that formats Windows over virus warning, what are the chances she actually got a serious virus or just a display fake warning?

And virus that is active after clicking on link or by opening ZIP/RAR… I mean, she is not a high profile target for serious unfixable virus.

Why, what are you now about? Why she needs to remove link? It is web page used by Fiverr for events.

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Yes. I don’t know who they are. They are provided some email address to send them Money…