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Rant about the feedback system

‌so i never asked my buyers for five stars since i think i have served them the best i could do and i trust them enough to give me nice verdict… but i got several order from buyer who are new on fiverr and some of them rate me recklessly, once someone gave me 3something stars because i only deliver the revised result, NOT both the revised and unrevised :pensive: he said sorry since was pretty clueless about the systems and could do nothing to edit… then i got another one, she just throw a custom order and went away. that was frustrating since she did not respond when i asked several details, or when i asked if she need any revision after i gave the preview of the result. she did not online at all during the order progress, even she accepted the delivery about two days after. she said sorry too, for lack of response, i think she’s quite nice so i gave her a five stars but when i see her feedback she wrote about my result slightly out of the description. i mean why… she had one chance for revision why she didn’t hold my delivery and ask for revision instead of being upset and gave quite bad feedback???

‌don’t get me wrong, not all new buyers are bad, in fact most of them are nice. but i think fiverr should change the feedback system. i think it’s so unfair that we can’t see their feedback before we give them ours. we need good reputations more than them since it affects our sales.