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Rant: Buyer issue

Hi all,

Currently working with a buyer who has asked me to review some of their products, in the start of a “great working relationship” (their words). I was interested but I’ve been around the net enough to not take everything immediately at face value.

So the gig was review 2 products via video testimonial and demonstrate me using them. Sounds simple, gig was worth 50$ and would involve me receiving the products in the post, they would send me an Amazon gift coupon to receive the products free - sounds good, eh? I thought so too.

We’re into day 5 now, sent me one code that only took 50% off the price, the other code didn’t work - have communicated backwards and forwards saying codes aren’t being accepted, get sent another code, doesn’t work. lalalala.

The buyer sent me a $5 gig to cover any costs that the codes might cover, I patiently have been dealing with this customer. Do you feel I am warranted to hit the deliver button and state that in terms of time committed I have done everything they have asked ? I know I can request mutual cancellation but just feel this has gone a bit beyond that now.

Just need to vent before I blow a blood vessel. lol.

It depends, how much have you sent them so far? & Do you mind a bad review if they are not satisfied? (They might not do that, but there is the risk involved)

So did you buy each of the 2 products and did you deliver any video testimonials? If not, then you cannot deliver a “partial” job.

It sounds like this person is kind of a scammer, because according to Amazon rules paid reviews are not allowed anyway.

I would have cancelled the job to begin with when you got a coupon for only 50% off thinking something was wrong.

Yes, I smelt a scam but wanted to see it through, I have not purchased anything as yet and am far too sensible to put my own money into anything. So I’m not worried on that front, I am just worried about non-delivery, etc. And just ranting and all. :slight_smile:

You should cancel the order since you can’t deliver a review for something you don’t have.

Reply to @sjames210: If you are going to do anon-delivery why would you not cancel and refund the order, just back out now? Why do you want to most likely get negative feedback?