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RANT - Contacting a Buyer Who Canceled On You

So I’ve been bringing this up for at least 4 years to Fiverr Support, and each time it’s met with this reaction of dumbfounded astonishment. Let me walk you through the scenario. Buyer puts you in a situation that drags out order. After two days past the due date, they up and cancel on you. Have you ever tried to contact the buyer after a gig has been canceled? If that buyer has no not send you a message off-order, you MUST 1) copy their username 2) go to your inbox screen 3) open a message 4) paste their name name over that which is presently displayed in the URL 5) hit enter.

Now you can communicate with that ex-buyer and tell them that their method of canceling ruined your rep. IS IT HILARIOUS THAT THERE IS NO MORE CONVENIENT METHOD TO REACH THEM???!!! Most of them are not even aware of the de facto rating damage. There is no warning on their end. When I deliver an order without an attachment, I get a dialog box warning me. WHY ARE BUYERS NOT WARNED THAT CANCELING OVER “LATE” HARMS A SELLER???!!!

I bring this up to Fiverr Support all the time, along with a host of other issues that must be addressed to take the site to the next level. I have told them I want to speak to some executives, and that I should be the CEO. But I guess it’s more convenient to have a genius supplying them with free ideas.

Customer Support Is A Complete Joke X( they just take buyers side and bang ticket closed get ready to be scammed by someone else new ;( I lost my $170 becuase of fiverr and their idiot customer support.