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*Rant* fiverr support is trash?

If you don’t care to hear the rant then please don’t read haha.

I’ve contacted fiverr support about a user who spammed my inbox 200+ times with repeat links and when I tell him to stop politely he continued to do it and told me he is being paid to do so. I reported it to support and what do they do? Send him a message asking him not to do it?! Lmao pathetic.

I’ve attempted to block the user and guess what, it tells me to contact support because I cannot block him. . . Lmao

Guess what, he is back at it and I was sure to tell support how pathetic their service is in my new request to get him blocked and banned.

That’s my rant thanks for reading.

This is the perfect time to release my new gig, “I will ‘get rid’ of your spammers for five dollars.”


And I’ll add another one “I will be your spammer for five dollars”. :joy: Circle closed.

No, I will not.


They have that. It’s called “I will be your social media marketer.”


Try their social media.

Sometimes they sort of seem to care about their image there.