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Rant-Free Zone - Post Your Fiverr Success Stories Please!

I know there’s been a lot of frustration on the forums recently - given all the changes Fiverr is going through, that’s understandable. At the same time though, Fiverr isn’t all bad! It still provides a good living to many people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to break into the freelancing market, and provides a supplementary income to established freelancers.

I’d like to step away from the negativity for a bit, and invite you to post your recent Fiverr successes - did you have a great buyer, or a lucky coincidence? Did you alter your gigs and see an uptick in sales? Have you learned anything helpful to let you expand your freelance career?

Post about any positive Fiverr experiences here, and let’s share in some of the good things the platform can bring about.

Note: Please don’t derail this thread with negative commentary, the aim is for this to be a place where people can go to read about positive experiences. If you want to post about things on Fiverr that concern you, please start a new thread. Thanks!


Uuh, something positive. Me like it! :grin:

Ok, I will start. Last year when I finally decided to try Fiverr, I was very hesitant about what I could possibly offer to these people that would be paid. I mean, I knew English very well and I loved to make websites, but I couldn’t see myself writing article after article. The interesting thing is that writing was always on my mind since I was little, but I excused myself from digging into it.

After having a rough start in the beginning, with one negative review and my frustration that I considered I offered my services too cheap because I was a beginner, I took a break after I made a considerable amount of cash for me. I took the break because oddly enough, working on Fiverr ignited my thirst for writing, as it was my dream. And I took the dive in and launched my first two self-help books on Amazon, Apple, and all the others. I loved to work on those books and it made me discover that I am meant to do this writing thing I’ve been dodging for years.

I came back two months ago, with an updated portfolio and being able to call myself published author. With this renewed enthusiasm and a new-found passion for doing magic with words, I made in the last two months the same amount I did in the first 6 months. Therefore, I am very happy about how things are going, and Fiverr really opened doors for me that I couldn’t believe possible.

I make people happy with my work, I am happy that I can create a pretty stable income, and this community is filled with great people. What else could I want? :slight_smile:

Fiverr and this community are amazing! :+1:


That’s an awesome story - and you’re right, sometimes it’s that little bit of validation that lights the spark and lets you think “Hey, I’m pretty good at this!” It’s also very satisfying when success on Fiverr translates into success elsewhere as a freelancer as well, and it’s excellent you have taken advantage of that.

Thanks for sharing.


I think that one of my best experiences has been sharing advice on the forums and writing blog posts for Fiverr. It’s really helped me to codify my own thinking on success, and helped me apply those principles to improve my work, and life outside work. As a freelancer, it’s normal to go for hours without much human contact, and the community on the Fiverr forum helps to keep me sane…


Paul, I hate to break this to you but I think you might be trapped in a parallel universe. :slight_smile: - Sounds nice, though.

I am actually having a very pleasant selling experience with a client at the moment. - This and an eye opening one. They wanted one video revising 15 times to change out different logos and branding effects. I calculated that even though this sounds like a minor revision, it would take an hour at least to change necessary details and render each new file.

Explaining this, the buyer was more than happy to pay $150 extra for their extra 15 video versions. This has left me with a very easy (albeit time consuming) mid-week project, coupled with a small flame in a dark room which symbolizes that yes, some people are still decent and willing to appreciate my time.


Recently, I saw a large and expensive project on the Buyer Requests page. I am a newer seller and still getting a feel for what my time is worth, and this project was significantly above the pay rate of anything I’d ever done before. I applied anyway, figuring the application would be good experience. I was thrilled when the buyer contacted me for his project!

Still nervous, I decided to send a sample of the large project to make sure the finished quality was what was desired, and received glowing praise. I wonder how many opportunities I missed before because I thought I wasn’t good enough?


Self-confidence is such a massive part of being a successful freelancer. Getting that sort of feedback is great justification that we’re actually good at what we do!


Oh, I think it’s generally a fairly decent bunch here, and I’ll take what I can get. I like Facebook too, but that’s filled with political frustration right now, and I am told I need to keep my blood pressure down!

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I made my LIFE’S first income on … I think I should thank fiverr more than be ungrateful… and complain about things here and there.


Overall, I’m having positive experiences here.
For a few months I was working with a seller who gave me work on a weekly basis
and it really helped with the earning.
Sadly he stopped contacting me ( and even though I did not ask him directly, I somewhat found out that he found another seller, I’m guessing he/she offered a lower price) but what I’m trying to say is that even though I have"lost" a good repeat customer, I still have other regulars, and just yesterday it seems like I have gained a new repeat customer :slight_smile:
Is this positive enough?


Yes, yes it is! Thanks!

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Great topic! This is something I’ve been thinking for a while everytime I see a post from the ranting pot in which I have a far opposite experience.

1 - Fiverr / Buyer requests section is a race to the bottom

This week I got the 3rd order (totaling a little over 1K) from a buyer from BR which told me that I was the most expensive offer he had received at the time and asked me why he should hire me over other sellers. Know how to convey your value and live up to it.

2 - Sevener / Buyers that don’t want to pay the $1 (now $2) processing fee are cheapos and you shouldn’t bother with them

While that may be true to some of them I have this buyer which absolutely hates this fee (especially on tips) and asks me to issue a new custom order, over my quote, every once in a while to include the tip (prior to the actual delivery mind you) and so far she never tipped under $30 nor are our orders under the $50 treshold. Sometimes it’s not the fee itself, but the principle of it.

3 - Increase in number of dishonest buyers / scammers

This one I’m careful with, because they are out there, althought I truly believe they are the minority, and I may just come accross one tomorrow or who knows even a chargeback from a previous project, but…so far I can’t complain. The number of great buyers I’ve worked with is insanely higher than the mildly annoying ones. Watch for the red flags and you’ll have a smooth(-ish) sail.

I don’t mean to dismiss anyone’e experiences with this post, but instead to show that mine has been different :wink:


That’s all I am trying to achieve with this, to provide a slightly different opinion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated.

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Fiverr has been a great supplementary source of income for several years now.

I don’t think I could ever be more grateful.

Ever since V2 launched I knew the platform is only evolving and growing into something more amazing - and it has.



I love the positivity and agree. There’s one thing I learned here, and that is we always have a choice. Some people are floating on life like boats without sails, at the mercy of external factors. We can embrace the winds of change or we can let them blow us away. I embraced the changes and my sales doubled for several months now.

I’m steering my boat on Fiverr for quite some time now and have since served thousands. I can only say - thank you Fiverr for your help in sharing my talents. <3


I am super glad that I make customer service a priority, as I’ve now got great relationships with a lot of different clients that I have worked with over the last 3 1/2 years. Making sure I have satisfied and happy clients means I get a lot of return/repeat business on fiverr which is awesome and is a huge help when there is a downturn or your gigs fall out of search etc.


Great attitude to have :smiley: I feel the same way.

My pleasure to share my story with you all. That’s awesome Paul. I actually enjoyed one of your post that was talking about why the Fiverr fee isn’t such a bad thing (I hope I don’t confuse you). It had great points in it and it’s fair to say that a positive attitude achieves more in life than a negative one.

I want to add a couple more things I appreciate about Fiverr:

  1. Worry-free exposure. In the beginning, it was necessary for me to look out for clients, but after some point, they just come and contact me, and that’s awesome. I don’t have to worry about marketing myself, which is not something I enjoy doing.
  2. The safety of my earnings. I heard about people having troubles, but I never had any with clients that wanted a refund even though I delivered to them exactly what they’ve asked for. CS took my side as it was fair for me to get paid for my work. I take precautions like splitting the big orders into smaller chunks and stuff like that, but I do feel like Fiverr offers an environment (as safe as it can be) for me to work on it.
  3. The website and app work amazing. It’s really easy to keep in touch with my clients, to send custom offers and many other things. I love how everything is organized.
  4. It helped me be more disciplined. I used to work on my own on different projects, and while I was disciplined on my own, I feel like with Fiverr I achieved another level. Being under the pressure of delivering on time and providing quality work really made me achieve another level of discipline and commitment.

Bottom line is that I choose Fiverr above other things because it’s a great place and a growing platform. I don’t expect on anything to be perfect, but I do feel like Fiverr is a great place to work on.

TBH, a positive attitude it’s a choice for me in anything I do, and it greatly improved my life. I used to be negative and it only worked in my own detriment, using to drown myself in my own mental poison. Now I am floating around on my inner strength, building the life that I want.

Cheers to all Doers! :smiley: You rock!


Well, guess what. The repeat customer came back!!
It seems like the replacement he found turned out to be not so good…
Which means more orders for me.

Not really a “success” story, but it’s a positive one I think.
I’m grateful, that’s for sure.


I registered with a “Well let’s see, I’ll try it for a month or two, maybe it works and I can pay some luxury like gym or at least a coffee here and there with it.” attitude. I did work offline in my job already.
One and a half year later, I have “met” and worked with a lot of super nice people from all around the world, many returning or regular customers and on some very interesting or fun projects.
I’ve made a few friends in the lose online pals sense of the word among my fellow sellers here even, and it actually does feel like having a place with co-workers to chat about Fiverr and other stuff when I feel like it.

I do get upset by some things here and there, but overall it’s been an awesome opportunity and continues to be.

I registered for a couple of platforms when I started out, but have never done anything with the others, I simply liked Fiverr the most of them all, mainly for the no-bidding system, and the whole “look & feel” somehow, I guess, and that hasn’t changed.
It’s so cool that I just have to take care of maintaining/updating my gigs and people come and want to buy them!
I do a job I love doing and Fiverr takes care of “the paperwork” which I hate doing. And no actual paper, just my laptop and phone and that’s it, no need to buy a single ream of printer paper or pens, magic!

I’m often booked at capacity. I couldn’t have imagined that when I started.

I prefer this to working offline, it’s so much more flexible, not going into this but I believe it literally was a life-saver in a recent situation.

Oh, and for everyone who read from the start and till now, no worries, I can pay for gym and coffee. :wink:


Now THAT’S a good thing!!! :coffee::doughnut: