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Rant/Need Some Advice


I have been working on an order for 5 days (50 descriptions, $175). Now my buyer “request a revision” kind of, it isn’t actually a revision request:

The “there are other product names in other product descriptions” refers to one specific product, which is an exact replica of another, only in a different pattern. I see it used often to direct site traffic to other products the buyer might like to purchase, as well.

“I used 10-14 product descriptions you wrote” makes me think that the buyer is already using the descriptions on their site without completing the order.

The point of the revision request is for us to modify the work if it needs to be modified, is it not? Instead of having that opportunity, because they “don’t want to waste my time” (not sure what they think writing 40 descriptions for free is??) they want to cancel and have already edited them all.

I mostly want to send a screenshot of the TOS that states refunds cannot be processed for quality if everything in the gig is delivered as described, and just resubmit the document the buyer already edited themselves. Am I going to get myself in trouble if I do this? They are not actually requesting a modification, just telling me they have changed them all already and only wants to pay for 10.

Also, the buyer saw my work before and the tone I use through examples and entire websites I have done the descriptions for, so not sure why all of a sudden my tone is not a match for their brand. I am about 100% sure I am being scammed. Any thoughts from seasoned sellers?


Also, “strange trip” refers to “long, strange trip” while describing a boho style dress. If you don’t get a Grateful Dead reference you aren’t going to be wearing that anyway. :roll_eyes:


@brittanymsmith If you delivered the work and you are confident in its quality, then they have to pay you. Please don’t ever cancel the order after delivering the work because they can just go away and not pay you. I would suggest kindly explaining to them that your work is of good quality. If they still don’t accept (I suppose they won’t) then try contacting Fiverr support directly.
I hope that I helped, please keep us posted :smile:


Hello, don’t give any refund on this. You did the job and she has to pay for it. Tell her nicely that you can’t give a refund. I wouldn’t send the TOS to her right now unless she argues with you. Sometimes just a polite but firm no I can’t do that and I am sorry is all that is needed unless she decides to argue more about it.

She can’t pick out what she wants to use and just pay for that much. She must know that but is testing you.


Before I could even reply she sent a cancelation request, which I promptly denied. I delivered the original document again and advised her she is still entitled to one revision (not a full rewrite, though, I don’t want to step into that rabbit hole), but advised her she needs to include what she wants me to change in the modification request.

I sent everything to CS, too, just in case she tries to cancel through them. Now to wait with my fingers crossed that CS follows their own TOS and doesn’t cancel because “it’s not what we’re looking for” and “we cannot use this on our site”. Especially where she indicated she is using 10-14 of them already.

It would be so much easier if clients realized that freelancers are running a business, too, and cannot waste ten hours on something without being paid at all.


I hope she doesn’t chargeback her money in PayPal.


I am hoping the same thing. If she does, that’s when I will go to the website host for copyright infringement (if she is in fact using some of the descriptions).

Plagairism and difficult buyers are 100% the reason I can’t kick my cigarette habit lol.


Your buyer has paid the equivalent of $3.50 per description. Minimum prices on Fiverr start at $5. In this case, you gave your buyer an epic discount. Plus you still have to pay commission, tax, utility costs etc.

Politely let your buyer know how the price they have paid breaks down and was heavily discounted to start with. Then inform then that in this case, no, you can not offer any kind of refund.

When I was new, I got this a lot and always from people wanting to order bulk items. Now I run a mile from anyone asking for 50 or even 20 of this or that, as it always plays out the same way:

  • They want a discount
  • They want a further discount after delivery
  • They are more likely than other buyers to use a PayPal chargeback to get work FOC

Ordering 50 items and offering to pay for 14, is a classic sign that your buyer intended to do this all along. Also, $175 still only works out at $12.50 for 14 descriptions, which is still a hefty discount on average going rates of $15 which are still beat down prices.

Put your foot down and mention (albeit politely) that any non-paid for descriptions which are later found used online, will result in you filing DCMA takedown requests with web hosts. - Of which you have a 100% success rate.

I include this last bit when I have problems, as it makes buyers think twice about filing a chargeback, In fact, I haven’t had a chargeback since I started adding this polite, yet stern caveat.

Good luck!


Welcome to my world. :wink:


Thanks for the advice! She definitely got a hefty discount - 75% off what I charge if only writing one description. I thought, “Well, she seems nice and clothing descriptions are fun, so I’ll do them cheap.”

I think I am going to start doing the same and just avoiding the huge requests. They don’t really seem to be worth it, because when this does happen you end up losing a massive amount of work and a sizeable chunk of money.


And they are all up on the website. Order is still not complete. I am about 100% sure CS sides with me on this one now.


I would let them know that it isn’t possible, and then offer to make revisions to improve the existing, completed content if they’d like. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a good compromise. If they’re unhappy with some of them, then let them know you are happy to fix the ones they’re unsatisfied with. If they keep insisting on partial refund, you may repeat that it’s not possible and that you’re more than willing to fix what’s already been completed. This is all you can do, aside from offering mutual cancellation.


Can you keep us updated on this? I can’t believe she had the nerve to post them on her website after all that! (Just kidding, of course I can believe it. I’ve been selling on Fiverr for 2 years)


I would love to do the revisions for her, but this is the current revision request she sent:
I have asked for her to tell me what she wants changed and she just says she doesn’t have time to rewrite them or tell me all the issues, after she told me she already rewrote all of them in her first request. :roll_eyes:

I think she is just using the revision request to keep the order from auto-completing now. The issues she mentioned in the first revision request were already edited by her and put up on her website.

@gwyneth_galvin It doesn’t surprise me at all, but I’m really hoping that CS will look at that as her violating the TOS right out of the gate, and not do a cancellation for her because of it. I know it won’t stop PayPal if she goes that route, but it might make her reconsider doing it to another seller. Probably not, but a girl can dream lol.


For reference, the top photo is my original description, the bottom photo is on the website. One sentence was changed, one was added, and the others were reordered, but she doesn’t have the confidence I am capable of doing that for some reason:
description description2
If she was complaining about grammar and readability, I would get it, but the document as a whole has a 100% Grammarly score and scores at an 8th grade level on Flesch-Kincaid readability.

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She definitely needs to pay full price. She is using your work on her site. End of. I don’t care if she tweaked it or added to it, that’s your work. I really hope CS sides with you on this one!


As you have seen that your content is already published on this persons website, I’d do the following:

  • Screenshot your published content
  • See if you can use a Whois request to identify the website owner or web host
  • Screenshot your delivery

Next, advise your buyer that they it is clear they are already using your content online and that this is a breach of Fiverr TOS. (As their order has not been accepted.) Also point out that by publishing your work online without finalizing payment, your buyer (and possibly their end client) is infringing your copyright.

Given that your buyer is already using your content, state that clearly that you will under no circumstances be cancelling or refunding this order. State that if your buyer is not happy with this, they will have to contact Fiverr CS. Then explain that you have already done so with all proofs needed to show that your work has been fully delivered and is being used by your client.

If you are able to find Whois data, state also that while you understand that some buyers on Fiverr believe that it is reasonable to try and source free or heavily discounted work, you are a very well seasoned freelancer. Because of this, you will enforce your copyright with your clients web host in the event of non-payment.

Then attach all files and send a message to CS with the same files. Explain the situation to CS and tell them that you will not be agreeing to cancel this order under any circumstances. You might also want to make a point of asking what data controls Fiverr puts in place to prevent copyright fraud and theft in situations like this, in mind of things like the new EU Copyright Directive.

Sadly, even with all of the above, it is likely that your buyer will find a way to cancel or if not, chargeback on their order. The main thing is that you stay firm and demonstrate that you are absolutely not a pushover.


Thats F’d up. I hope Fiverr backs you on this.

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Don’t get out the pitchforks quite yet. Continue to affirm nicely that you can help her. Pitch it to her. Sell it. Convince her that you want nothing more than to fix her descriptions so that they best aid in her needs, because you do! After all, you take great pride in doing good work. Tell her that if she’s not satisfied with part of the work, then you feel that you need to rectify that for her and bring it up to the standard of the rest, and you’re 100% confident that you can do so. You want to!

Now if she is using your work and the order hasn’t been completed - I believe that falls into the category of being infringement. You might want to see what CS has to say about that. She is certainly not permitted to use work that she hasn’t paid for. Make sure you send along any evidence of this prior to sending a ticket in. This is a real issue, so press it if you get an automatic response.

While waiting for a response from CS, I suggest that you continue trying to politely work with your buyer. Insist that you can, and are happy to make the necessary changes.

I was a Customer Service manager for a huge retailer in North America, where I was promoted to compliance officer. I don’t understand this at all. She violated the TOS, she is using the work she is claiming she is unhappy with, they have all the proof of that. But they still said they are cancelling the order (they haven’t yet).

I have other clients offsite that respect their contracts (and abide by their own rules, too!). I understand if she does a chargeback eventually that Fiverr can do nothing. If they cancel the order with blatant proof she is using it, I’m going OOO forever. It is not worth giving them 20% of my earnings if they will side with someone who is clearly scamming their sellers.

And I feel in this case it isn’t my communication that is the issue. I’d be happy to redo it, but she is already using it, so obviously it’s fine.