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Rant Regarding Price of Gigs

I will stop buying from here and move on.

I’m a little curious as to what section you generally buy in? I haven’t seen that many super high prices (unless, of course, you’re talking about Fiverr Pro…which is a whole other issue.)

Also, if you want gigs for $5 only, you can refine your search via the sidebar by adjusting the price range.

Oops…you edited your post, and now everything I said doesn’t make sense. Well, good luck on your new buying platform, then! I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


Fiverr, is fiverr for a reason. people didn’t come here to pay 1000 dollars for things. especially when there is also a 50 percent chance you are going to get bad work. I have spent years raking through bullsh*t sellers to find good ones. the second the option opened up these same sellers went from 5, 15 , 25 dollars to 50, 150, 250 for the same exact projects. Isn’t the whole name of fiverr supposed to mean buying stuff for 5 dollars?? If I want a 500 dollar freelancer to throw some keywords on a home page. id go to a freelance site and hire one. fiverr used to be awesome for stuff like that. or getting reports if you didn’t have time to do them for your site and etc. which now every time I search for anything and have the “show pro gigs first” cut off, its still 250 , 400, 500 dollar gigs for the exact same gigs that used to be 5, 15, 25 etc.

I think part of it is that Fiverr is trying to adjust their image so they can stop being seen as “cheap” and “unprofessional”. (Hence Fiverr Pro, and the removal of a lot of “fun” gigs.) But of course, there are also individual sellers adjusting their prices after selling for years. If they raise their prices by that much and still get orders…well, then that’s good for them, and I suppose that’s how people value their services.

I don’t work in the specific niche that you seem to buy from, so I can’t address your issues. I’m sure there are still plenty of $5 gigs out there, many of which are perfect for testing out an unfamiliar seller. But really, it’s up to you.

If you hate Fiverr, there are definitely plenty of other options out there! I’m sure you’ll be able to find something better for your needs on the net. I wish you the best of luck in that!


Prices for everything increase all the time. No one says you have to pay more than you want to. There are still a lot of gigs for $5 or $10 so just stick to those.

Some of us have spent years selling only $5 gigs and are relieved to be able to charge more. $5 is nothing at all, we may as will give it away free if we live in Western economies.


Yes but being a part of maybe 150 groups. The majority of the people view fiverr like this from our groups “You never know if you are going to get a good product or something stolen, something reused or etc” so taking that gamble with 5 dollars. is much easier then taking that gamble with 500 dollars. again this is fiverr. not freelancer or odesk. I am a full stack software engineer and have been years. I get a good hourly income but most of the jobs I search take 30 minutes to do. so for them to charge 300 is absurd. especially with the last 2 things I hired for didnt even do it. they loged into my admin panel changed nothing and sent me a letter saying it was done. we monitor all activity on our sites so we knew exactly what was changed,edited or added.

Then go to a freelancer website. not a site called fiverr.

The site was named about 8 years ago. Things change over years.

But this is a freelancer website…?

Are you saying you no longer can find any $5 gigs to buy?

I’ve been here five years and until last month still had $5 gigs.

That’s exactly what I said? Despite the fact that a lot of gigs are now more expensive, there are still plenty that are $5. Heck, I still offer my clients $5 sample gigs if they want a taste.

and traffic and etc is down. that’s easy to find. there is hundreds of groups that refuse to take the risk of losing 500 dollars opposed to 5 dollars. because fiverr has not taken any path to make content less stolen, broken and bad. Yet you as sellers are happier because you can charge a high price for something when you think you always should of been able to? why did you even come to fiverr to sell if you did not like the sales price of items?

You are probably in a way different area then I search for.

I really do hope you are not referring directly to me, someone who sold gigs for $5 for FIVE YEARS in spite of being a TRS with excellent reviews!


Looking at your profile, your prices are insanely reasonable.

I am asking you, you said you are relieved to be able to sell more and 5 dollars is nothing at all.

so why did you start selling here if 5 dollars was nothing?

5 times 10 is 50? 5 times 100 is 500? is 500 nothing?

I guess after all these years I got a little tired of doing three hours of top quality work and ending up with $4 for it.

And I also got tired of some of the mentality of $5 buyers, not all of course, but those who were difficult and unappreciative.

You can still find plenty of sellers for $5.

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Lol, thanks.

I guess the big takeaway is that sites change, and so do their customer bases. I’m sure that if Fiverr completely changes, there will be plenty of sites that pop up and serve the function it once did.

Plenty of people still find Fiverr a great place to buy/sell services, although it is true that it may no longer be for you. Ultimately, it’s up to Fiverr and individual sellers.

If it’s something you can’t control, the best approach is to just move on and recognize that each kind of site has its own niche of buyers to cater to.

that was the basis of the site. it is literally called fiverr lol but ok say for arguments sake I agree people like you should be able to charge more. are you giving more? say you are verified and have a good reputation. people are used to getting certain work from you and are used to paying a certain price. do you give them more for there price or do you think you deserved more money and they deserved for their dollar to be worth less?

I did charity work on fiverr basically up until last month.

I gave everyone everything I have for five years.