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Rant: rude buyers on the buyers requests page who want you to carry the whole world on your head for $5

Greetings, fellow forum members!

This is my first post on this forum, despite the fact that I’ve been on the marketplace for months. I figured I could let out my experience here, and it’s about the rude buyers with extremely low budget on the buyers requests page.

It’s a bit depressing when you see requests from these category of buyers, and unfortunately, they populate the section more than the serious buyers.

A lot feel very entitled on the little budget they have to offer, and I just feel fiverr isn’t doing enough on this part. I feel that the buyers requests section needs to be regulated.

It’s supposed to be a sanctuary for new buyers and buyers who have fallen out of favor in the search engine, but it’s currently being more of a morale killer.

The buyers requests section is, no doubt, a great idea from fiverr, but something needs to be added. Cheap buyers/jokers need to be weeded out.


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Stay away of them @butterflyflies

As long as there are sellers sending offers to those requests, the buyers will keep posting them.


Yeah I totally understand. I am a screenplay writer and sometimes it gets a little annoying when they keep on asking for revisions. I mean in my personal experience most of my clients are happy with 2 or 3 revision, but one of them went of with 10 where I only offered 5. It was annoying not because he asked for a particulate thing to be changed, but in reality the buyer just wanted a new story every time. I mean he was not sure of what he actually wanted himself. That is the basic problem where they don’t know what they want.

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In this case, it’s the problem of having more willing supplies for undeserving demands. It’s sickening!!!

Maybe it’s because I’m very picky on the kind of jobs I choose to do, I’ve never encountered such buyers. I’m sorry about your experience.

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I think some buyers doesn’t know the cost and some of them are like as you described. so we have no other way but try to find buyer that match our understanding.


You are right but I have many experiences where buyer just posts a request without changing the price. As by default its 5$. I am sharing this based on my experience as I have many a times managed to charge buyer a big price when they mentioned 5$ in the budget.

You’ll see some buyer requests mentioning that budget is fixed and still if they mentioned 5$, this means stay away from them. In case you dont see any such statement in buyers request try quoting the real price. You’ll most probably receive a reply if your offer is attractive.


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This is helpful.
Thank you, Faiz!