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Rant slash suggestion but more of rant

I just need to vent out, really.

Just got so many inquiries today, which is good… about three-fourths turned to orders or orders to be placed. Which makes me happy.

Just started to get annoyed though… When the clients (about half of them were new) kept asking “how do I place an order”… (then i placed a custom offer and explained they just have to accept it)… then they asked (what should I do? Where will you deliver?) …(there was one who asked “should I do anything further?”(after I acknowledged his payment for the order)… And so many other things…

But, bravo to me. Handled them all professionally! (But very, very annoyed deep inside.)

As much aaaasss I loooooveeee giving great customer service, I don’t have all the time in the world to explain!!! Can Fiverr put some “Hello, Welcome to Fiverr. HOW TO USE fiverr kind of video or something in that context for new BUYERS…” (Like those pop up messages you get once you try on a new site?) Because ugh… just made me waste so much time today.

LOL. Thanks for letting me rant here. I’ll get over this. Maybe it’s just not my day.

Ha! I too get clients who need to have everything spelled out for them. “How do I place an order?” Seriously? It’s the bright green button that says ‘Order Now’. How do you miss that?

A couple of weeks ago when I already had a bunch of orders in queue someone placed an order but didn’t fill in the requirements. I explained to him that he had to fill them in before the order can start. I explained that he should have gotten a notification to fill in the requirements. He couldn’t figure it out. Since I was really busy and didn’t have the time (or patience) to deal with his slowness, I cancelled the order. Oh well; it was only $5 (a little less since Fiverr takes a cut)!

I think some of it is language barrier. Remember there are many countries that are still now first getting onto the internet. “Order Now” doesn’t necessarily fit with the word “buy” or buyers perhaps in some languages.

I do agree, that people may not know where tings are delivered, how would someone who is brand new coming to the site, who knows they don’t give out their real email address…Yes, a pop up thing with a little walk-through of the process may be a good solution. Clearly Fiverr can do that for only new accounts and first orders.