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RANT: Stop lying when applying to a buyer request

I’ve had IT people apply saying they are primary teacher and when I look at their profile none of their gigs and information suggest anything remote about what they are “selling” me.

You will be laughed at and ignored and deleted …

Stop lying!

p.s Also useful to understand what is written in the request. HIGH school teachers not to apply to a PRIMARY school position SIGH

Also please don’t apply for FITNESS positions when you are in FASHION … what a waste of time …

Sellers get desperate. Not to excuse their actions, just to explain some of the motivations behind them.

By “position”, it sounds almost like you’re actively hiring someone for a physical job :no_mouth:


My gigs do not indicate it, but I have taught primary, elementary, middle school, and high school.


Not sure how that would be relevant for something Fiverr based?

I taught for donkeys years but you wouldn’t know it from my gigs - what difference would it make?


Me too! and I am not sure how being a PRIMARY teacher would be relevant either.

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@thescandinavian maybe you can explain to us what this post pertains to? It is puzzling to me. :thinking:



So basically, you want someone anonymous who has absolutely no way of proving their professional credentials to you to say “I’m a high school teacher,” not, “I’m a primary school teacher.”

If I was you, I’d be over the moon that you have actual educators responding in the first place.


Lying is definitely not cool but to the OP @thescandinavian
I don’t see the issue with applying to something that’s outside of the gigs you have up. It’s completely plausible that people are ‘good’ for gigs in two different areas and just aren’t putting up a gig for everything - instead, browsing buyer requests and noticing something they can do.

I think she is requesting tutoring for a child on her maybe?

I am still curious what this post relates to?

Yep, that’s what I said. It doesn’t excuse their actions, just hopefully offers some insight into why they do it.