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Rant thread (about anything besides why you don't like fiverr)

I’m tired.

I had a customer recently who disappeared after placing the order and giving minimal instructions. They were unavailable for feedback to help direct my efforts. Despite the lack of information, I did my best to follow instructions and complete the gig. On the day before delivery they came back with the information I needed from the very beginning. Gratefully they were happy to extend delivery, and were apologetic about disappearing. Anyways, frustration… even with extended delivery, this now creeps into time that I should be spending on other orders that have lined up. :[

Another customer had me re-edit his article with him so many times it was nuts. I was patient and helped them do the thing. Then they came back after showing the delivered product and wanted me to revise again with a new set of guidelines they got from a friend. Yes, they are paying me, but this is more work that’s pushing into other orders I’d rather be doing.

It’s summer, and people want me to go do things outside, which is great, but I’d rather be working.

I thought I had raised my prices enough to give me some freetime… but I’m seriously pushing myself to complete projects with every ounce of available time… these “extra-curricular” activities are annoying.

Just tired, frustrated, grumpy… whatever, I’m doing the thing, getting paid and getting reviews… so… I’ll stop complaining and go play volleyball.

Feel free to use this thread to express your own frustrations. As long as they don’t have anything to do with what’s wrong with fiverr. No one forces me to work here, so whatever I don’t like about fiverr are things that I voluntarily participate in and don’t enjoy obsessing over. Oh yeah, I guess that’s part of my rant too… people complaining about fiverr on fiverrs forum, instead of spending that time to create more opportunities somewhere else. :[


Who says we’re not? :wink:

Volleyball sounds like a great idea - enjoy it! :sunny:

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lol. I must have missed your incessant complaining! On the contrary, you seem to be most helpful and measured.

Complaining is fine. Some people just take it to a whole different level and then my unrelated frustrations merge with theirs, and… ya know… it just grows


Understandable. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know, I can remember a time on here when people didn’t spend all their time talking about how well they were doing, or indeed how bad things were. It seems now you have to be one thing or the other - I’ve always preferred the middle of the road. :rofl:

Hope there’s still a wee place for me here, even if I’m not setting the heather on fire with my tales of how massively unsuccessful/successful I am.


Ooh, ooh, I want to complain! I’ve started getting snarky on the forums because I get so fed up.

I am fed up of whiny, entitled sellers who feel like Fiverr owes them literally anything other than the earnings from their gigs. It drives me up the wall. There is thread after thread after thread about people complaining and wanted to be handed something because they’ve been here for so long, and I’m over here, a new guy, like ‘I want to be owed something too!’ Ugh.

The other thing that gets me are the constant. CONSTANT. NON-STOP messages on the forums complaining about buyer requests or other extremely easy questions that have been answered ten million times before, written by people who have attitudes about the whole thing.

But the final one that doesn’t have to do with other sellers:
Buyer requests. Yes. I’m going to complain about them. I’m going to complain about buyers who, despite being given very clear instructions by Fiverr on how to include relevant information, manage to only post enough to make the offer interesting to me without any indication of how big the project might be and how much I should charge them, so I’m left wondering if I want to use one of my 10 daily offers to try to reach out to them or if it’s not worth it.

It has been worth it before. I got my largest project this way from someone who was vague. But that’s not the normal outcome. The other thing with BR that gets me is people charging $5 for 1,000 words of voiceover (7 minutes of finished audio, about 30-40 mins of work for reference) and saying ‘PRICE IS FIXED DO NOT BID IF YOU CAN’T DO IT FOR $5’ and then also having like 10 requirements about audio quality ughhhh.


hahahaha you’re not alone in this one @joshcates :joy:

It happens also in my sub categories (translation & proofreading/editing). Buyers request jobs just indicating they want an English to Spanish translation or have a document to be proofread :persevere:

What I ususally do is send my basic $5 offer explaining that my rates are based on total amount of words and kindly invite them whether to send me their file so to count the words for them and customize an offer or to visit my gig to place an order depending on the word count they have.

The worst I’ve seen (at least 2 times) is this one buyer asking for a 40,000 words proofreading & editing to be done in 4 days, only willing to pay $6 and 10 offers made in a few minutes :flushed: Are this people real? Do they even know what 40k words mean? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Buyers have their share of guilt, no doubt, but sellers feed them :rage:

It’s a hard life no matter how you see it…


Then there are the complainers complaining about others complaining. I think the solution is simple. You have a choice to read it or not. Choose and move on.


I think the first sentence sums it up pretty much for you. You need some rest/ diversion. Go whack the heck out of that volleyball and vent all that negative energy out. :volleyball::wave:

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thanks! I’ve been stressed this week. Volleyball definitely helped.

Yes of course! I really like the way you used the word complain a few times in one sentence. : )

It’s not that simple :slight_smile:

Let’s say you have a favourite restaurant where you go for lunch with your co-workers or a brunch with your family over the weekend. It’s close to your home, it’s clean, it has good service and the food is reasonably priced. It’s not the best place in the world, but it’s the perfect place for you.

Then all of a sudden there’s this one guy sitting at the next table. He’s on his phone and complaining about his shitty day at work. He’s super loud and there’s no way you can have a decent conversation with your family without overhearing his profane language. But, you ask him nicely to take it down a notch and he eventually calms down.

Now, tomorrow he comes back with a friend. They are even louder. They bitch about their day, the quality of the food and about everything else they don’t like.
At this point it starts to become annoying. After several attempts of trying to calm them down, you decide to leave thinking they won’t be there tomorrow.

Now, maybe you skip a few days and eat your lunch at work or in a different restaurant, but a week later you enter that same place and what you’ll find is that they have freaking booked the entire restaurant for their “Life is unfair!” pity party.

Well, here we are. :slight_smile:
The most recent trends are -

  • I haven’t received X amount of orders, HELP!!!.
  • Why did my orders stop all of a sudden?

I would understand if they actually put some effort into it, but no. Some of them are using stolen content, they haven’t read any of the tips on this forum and when you start asking about what they have done, then it turns out they haven’t done anything.


Do you know I think I’ve been in that restaurant, but I was sitting near these folk who kept going on about how successful they were - equally annoying. :wink:

(Right thread this time :slightly_smiling_face:)


British TV - I miss it. The best part about staying at UK hotels :smiley:
For some reason, it reminds me of show called Keeping up appearances :slight_smile:

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I love a good candlelight supper, and yes, I use a ruler when put stamps on envelopes! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well most of my knowledge about British people is from TV series.
I hope Little Britain is at least partially true :smiley:


From my experience, more than partially - it was actually a documentary! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What about when a (useful) discussion is going on about something and it becomes overtaken by people loosely sticking to the topic but then moaning about how everything is against them, their sales are down/never began, demanding, pleading, begging for the system to be changed so it suits them better at this moment in time? Every. Single. Day…

Reading or not reading is an option in some situations but the idea that you could use the forum and not come across these types of comments/posts is just not actually realistic. With so many helpful opinions, discussions and advice given out by unselfish sellers, the incessant moaning and demanding posts stand out and are a real irritation - I mean, why not stop moaning and use the easily available info to change the situation? I just don’t get it!

I want to rant about lots of things.

I want to rant about this bizarre new craze which involves everyone on the island where I live spraying fly spray all day OUTSIDE. - All around their doors and windows and open effing apartment building doors. Even the only Fish and Chip shop is doing it, even though the door is always open and opens straight into where they are cooking peoples food.

"Hello, do you do fish and chips and mushy peas?"

"Why certainly! Would you like some Agent Orange included with that? - It’s Free!!"

How crazes like this catch on is just beyond me. A few years ago it was people hanging CDs on string everywhere to make the mosquitoes think that they were at some kind of coall-day all day disco. I could live with that. But this? - No. It’s when bonkers people start being deadly bonkers people, that I get mad. That said, since they’re all busy spaying potent neurotoxins everywhere, I’m sure Mr. Darwin will sort things out soon enough.

Then I want to rant about WordPress. I hate WordPress more than I have ever hated anything ever in creation.

What is the point of WordPress if after setting up a site, you have to minify, compress, cache, and feed it Cloudfare cocaine just to work? Shouldn’t it do all that automatically if it’s all so important?

It’s like saying: "Hey son, here’s a spanner. Now all you need is a few addons and you’ll be able to drive down the road in that next week."

Of course, I knew what WordPress was about before I jumped into things this time round. This is why I bought a nice expensive fancy theme with more speed and SEO bells than Santa’s sleigh during the Christmas rush hour. But no… It was all flaming lies wasn’t it?

Build amazing website. - Done. Check it for speed and SEO and its at -F. Spend a week stripping out all the css and javascript junk slowing the thing down and it gets slower. Solution? Shot the thing, set fire to its body and use a free WordPress theme. Result? A -OK speed… But now I’m going to have to build the whole thing over again.

And last but not least, we have GDPR.

Is affiliate marketing still possible under GDPR? Yes. Are there any rock-solid, factually correct guidelines on how to use things like affiliate links 100% compliantly? No. Why? Because the GDPR people don’t really have things figured out. - Oh, wait, yes they do, you just need to hire a lawyer, rent a data center, and a team of experts to make sure your doing everything as compliantly as possible.

Bull. GDPR = Get the hell away from the Internet you pesky small time entrepreneurs, otherwise we’ll fine you $20 million to make up for the tax Amazon gets away without paying.

Anything else? Yes, but that’s all Fiverr related. In this case, there you go, a suitably perfect non-Fiverr rant. :wink:


What is and isn’t realistic is a matter of opinion or at least each of us can decide for ourselves. I think people complaining about people complaining is as plentiful and usually it comes from the same actors and to some can be just as annoying. Can that not also be as realistic?

Maybe the real complaint should be Fiverr for creating a RANT forum.

Definition of rant
ranted; ranting; rants
intransitive verb
1 : to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
2 : to scold vehemently

Synonyms for rant
noun yelling, raving


If the restaurant owner puts up a sign that says yelling and ranting allowed and then you go in sit down to eat and then complain about the yelling and ranting, who is being realistic?


Interesting. You’re saying that ant-ranting can be just as unpleasant as ranting?

I agree. It is annoying when you have a buyer from planet bizzare or are being hammered by Fiverr’s metrics, to have the same people insinuate that you are not good enough at your job, Fiverr, managing life, or basic client communication.

I don’t get why people even feel the need to say, “Not you again! You’re alway’s ranting!”

I loathe every post I’ve ever read which includes the word sell instead of sale. That’s why I don’t read or comment on them. - That said, maybe they are all here because of me? Maybe I should have helped them or put a few of them in place? :thinking:

Anyway, to stay on topic with the ‘let’s not rant about Fiverr topic,’ my mouse just died. Talk about a bad day.


Nope didn’t say that. People complaining about other people complaining is a rant in itself. Anti-ranting would be they say NOTHING about someone else ranting or they agree with the rant itself.

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