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Had a bad day?

Just dealt with a buyer/seller that really made you blow a fuse?

Don’t hold it in, as that might make you take it out on someone who doesn’t deserve it.


Get your rant on!

Where 90% of the forums posts should go!! :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: It’s actually a good reminder as most of the forum posts belong in this category but are clogging up categories that are of no relevance to the subject.

Don’t hate, sounds like you started the drama…

Reply to @bellabunnie: Thank you bellabunnie! At least you got where i was coming from. :slight_smile:

One can express their views/experiences (rant) in manner that does not cross a level of professionalism.

What an odd post. It almost makes one think you’re trying to encourage people to look unprofessional. Or you’re just really bored and like to read the drama. :slight_smile:

I disagree. Sometimes, it’s a learning experience for both Seller and Buyer, so long as it remains clean and descriptive, it wouldn’t be seen as “drama”. It just comes down to being heard, and acknowledged.


Well… where do I start? lol

Reply to @dtongsports: Another awesome person who gets it! :smiley: Thank you for understanding.

@madmoo Also a great point to note! :slight_smile:

Reply to @kreativa: lol anywhere you feel you need to!

If it’s bugging you get it off your chest and feel better as others in the fiverr community can help refuel you with encouraging words, so you can keep on working and making that mulah!

My rant’s at myself. I’ve had several really well paying writing jobs come in, but I’ve gone completely brain dead. Struggling to even get a title down.

Luckily they don’t have to be in for another two days. Taking the rest of the day off. Damn brain!

I’ve made three requests, and been looking for over a month now for a person who will assist me with adaptation for a map, creating a map, increasing the size and editing a map with tools such as AutoREALM and other map creation tools. The only replies i’ve gotten are people from Iraq, and Vietnam (Nothing wrong with that, the issue is that don’t understand what i’m typing? I think.") and then they offer skills and services i did not even request.

“Hey, i seen that you were looking for some pizza, how about some tacos? They are like completely two different things and i seen that you were totally not looking for this at all, but hey i’m selling it! :DDDD” -The last month now

Reply to @subjecttema2924: Oh wow! that can be really frustrating!!

Your request is not one most would normally see here on Fiverr, so, to those who prefer to stick to what they know, they might bypass it. But mainly the ones who are seriously hungry for sales would gravitate, some offering you tacos when you crave only pizza. (Bless their hearts, we know they’re trying)

But i am sure you will find that person to assist you, worry not :slight_smile:

If you want i can take a crack at it. Message me prior and we can discuss it. If i believe i can take on the task, i will do my best to put this month of you searching to an end.

Reply to @sara1984: I hate those moments when the creative juices run low or dry even. But yes take a breather, do something that relaxes you and I’m sure when you deliver your work, those buyers are gonna keep coming back! :slight_smile:

I sometimes try to work a month straight then take a 2-3 day vacation. So i can refuel and go again. If i dont, the slightest thing irritates me and i find myself spending too much time on one gig :/. Worse yet if the wrong buyer decides to have an attitude! my pressure raises lol.

So try that maybe. 2-3weeks on straight, with hard core work and 2-3Days off just to rest and refuel :smiley:

subjecttema2924 said: "Hey, i seen that you were looking for some pizza, how about some tacos? They are like completely two different things and i seen that you were totally not looking for this at all, but hey i'm selling it! :DDDD" -The last month now

If you're actually using the "buyer request" function, remember that the only gigs a seller can respond with are ones in the same category as your request, and sometimes the system isn't accurate. If you get any more offers of 'tacos', take a look at the seller's profile, they may provide the service you want, but couldn't submit the correct gig. Good luck.